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Hoarders: A Fresh Space Hits the Small Screen

Here at A Fresh Space, we typically work with busy working professionals and families creating systems and stylish spaces. Or, we help people move households or offices in a smooth, organized fashion. Recently, however, we had the opportunity to work with Standolyn Robertson and the A&E hit show Hoarders. While the team at AFS is trained in many aspects of organizing, being on Hoarders was an ‘outside the box’ experience!

The Hoarders Experience


We lucked out with a super sweet client who was really ready to make some changes. 

The Elements


Mother Nature decided to bless us with what felt like sub-tropical heat as we worked through the hoarding piles outside. Luckily, we had tents for shade, but that didn’t stop sweat from dripping off our noses and our hair from frizzing up! Because, you know, glamour is very important when organizing. As AFS Organizer, Kim Weimer, put it, ‘It takes a lot of hard work to put on a show like this.’

Making Progress


That hard work was worth every second as we took our turns sorting through the piles of Bath & Body Works products and every holiday ornament known to mankind. Anne was a trouper!

Liz’s Thoughts


After one of the days on site, I shared my thoughts with my team:

“While this isn’t our ‘typical’ job or client, the interactions with the client were somewhat reflective of the thought processes many of our clients have about their stuff. Let’s consider how Anne felt about her ‘collections’ and the value (to her) of all of her items (both in terms of financial cost and her feelings about them). That’s a good learning lesson going forward–always think about the feelings people have and the challenges there are in making behavioral changes.”

After the Show


You can only accomplish so much in a few days, so we’re honored to be able to continue working with Anne. As AFS Organizer, Monica Osteen, put it, ‘It was a great experience to see the show filmed but I was sad to see everyone leave Anne when she wasn’t done. I hope she continues to make good choices.’

And she has. Our ongoing work is helping her let go of more things. In the big picture, she’s starting to look at what she and Scott want their lives to be like.

Joy Grapentine, an AFS Lead Organizer, focused on papers and getting the kitchen back in order. Both Anne and Scott greatly appreciated her efforts. Joy also kept us in the loop about a ‘squirrel incident’ which apparently involved some screaming…. by the camera crew!

Joy & Monica continue to work with Anne making more progress through their space and their stuff. We hope this experience will make a positive impact on their life for years to come!

Maybe you’re feeling like you could be on an episode of Hoarders. Maybe you’re just overwhelmed by everyday clutter. Either way, we’d love to help you! Contact us today to start your journey to freedom from stuff.