A Fresh Closet

organized closet

Master Closets

Master closets are one of our favorite spaces to work in. Our organizing process assists you with purging un-needed or unwanted items, determining the keepers and making you feel like you live in a retail store where you can find exactly what you need. We want you to enjoy your master closet instead of dreading opening the door. Our team creates functional and beautiful systems based on your lifestyle, your needs and your goals. Whether it’s a luxurious master closet or a small reach in, a fresh space brings order and style to your closets.

a fresh closet means…

  • You can see all of your clothes, shoes & accessories at a glance
  • There is space in your closet for new purchases
  • You’re able to coordinate outfits because you know exactly what you have
  • You stop purchasing the same things because you forgot you already owned it

Sometimes you’ve been pretty organized in your master closet but then life happens. Weight gain or loss, having a baby, a change in career…all of these things can make what used to work not work so well anymore.

a fresh space can…

  • Sort, purge and organize clothing of multiple sizes
  • Set up consignment accounts and transport your items to the consignment store
  • Donate unwanted items to a charity of your choice
  • Coordinate with a stylist or seamstress to help make your wardrobe work
  • Assist with closet design or installation from top closet companies
organized kids closet

Kids Closets

Kids never stop growing and the chaos in their closets reflects that! We take every child’s unique personality and style into account when creating the perfect closet that works for them. We work with you and your child to bridge the gap between what each of you wants and needs. Kids often work better when organizing with someone they don’t have a history with, who will work with them to make good decisions and guide them to letting go and looking forward.

a fresh kids closet means…

  • A place for everything your child needs in their closet
  • Easy access to all of their clothes and accessories, as well as easy ways to put them away
  • Creating a closet that works with your kids needs instead of making them fit their closet
  • Less frustration and anxiety over cleaning up or finding their things

Don’t let your child’s closet be a dumping ground where things just get stuffed and never see the light of day. A neat and organized closet can make the difference between starting out the day right and, well, not.

a fresh space can…

  • Create storage for out of season or “clothes to grow into”
  • Purge outgrown or unneeded items and help kids make the decisions they need
  • Set up systems where it is easy for kids to find what they need AND put it back
  • Provide specific storage for items or apparel needed for sports and activities
  • Provide kid friendly organizing storage & materials to maximize space and function

Let a fresh space make your child’s closet a space that actually works!

Storage & Coat Closets

Oh, those closets. You move in thinking about all of the things you could neatly store in them and then…voila! A dumping ground of random items makes these the “scary” closets. Well, we can help with that! Effective storage means maximizing your space, utilizing it to its fullest and creating functional, organized zones that make sense for you and how you live.

a fresh storage closet means…

  • A specific set of zones that hold exactly what you need
  • A space that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to show a friend or relative
  • A place you could “shop” from to decorate, create or restock

We can make that happen. A functional and good looking storage closet doesn’t just happen on its own. The team at a fresh space knows how to purge, sort, contain and label as well as figure out creative storage and shelving solutions so your storage spaces can look as good as the rest of your home!

a fresh space can…

  • Get rid of the junk and keep the good stuff
  • Create the zones, bin & label
  • Provide creative storage and shelving solutions
  • Take away all of the items for donation so you don’t have to

Making your life so much easier and less stressful, that’s what organizing is all about!

Closet ReFresh

That’s not all! After we’ve set up organizing systems for you, let us help you keep it that way!

If you need us, we will be there to:

  • Do seasonal clothing rotation
  • Take clothes for repair
  • Put rogue items back in place
  • Create new systems as your style and needs change

Are You Ready to Get Fresh?

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