A Fresh Garage & Attic



Garages often become dumping grounds for everything that you don’t know what to do with. If you can find what you need quickly, be able to “shop” from your space and have places for everything you need to store, life is much simpler and feels less chaotic.

a fresh garage means…

  • Your garage ceases being a dumping ground and is a productive member of your household
  • Each group of items has its own zone and storage space
  • Everything is easy to find and easy to put away

Make your garage as enjoyable to walk into as the rest of your home. Let a fresh space help you organize, make the decisions and create action zones.

a fresh space can…

  • Help determine what you want to keep, what you use frequently, and what is used only once in a while
  • Create areas for different tasks & materials like tools, gardening supplies, household inventory, sports equipment and bicycles
  • Give purpose to each area in your garage so that it serves the functions that you and your family need

Wouldn’t it be great to park a car in there too?


a fresh attic means…

  • A functional space that can effectively store infrequently used items
  • The different groups of items each has its zone for easy access and easy storage
  • No more ‘scary’ spaces

The staff at a fresh space has uncovered more treasures and artifacts from people’s lives, but sadly items that have been damaged or ruined due to being stored improperly.

a fresh space can…

  • Unearth and purge the “I can’t believe we still have that” items
  • Protect the keepers by storing them properly
  • Make everything accessible when you need it
  • Free up the space so you can use it for things that are actually needed

Don’t hang on to things that just add weight to the rafters!

Off-Site Storage

Sheds, storage facilities, barns, campers, vehicles. We’ve organized them all! Sometimes these spaces become dumping grounds because out of sight, out of mind. Stop paying for storage you may not need, or make these spaces work for you instead of being a space you avoid.

a fresh off-site storage space means…

  • You can find your stuff in each of these spaces
  • Creative storage and shelving solutions to maximize each space
  • Being able to find what you need when you need it

Off-site storage should be useful and functional. Let a fresh space make your sheds, barns, storage units and more, places that work for you and not cause you stress.

a fresh space can…

  • Create effective systems and appropriate storage
  • Plan out your space with creative and functional solutions
  • Purge the stuff you don’t need

Don’t let your off-site storage spaces be places of stress. Let them be functional and useful storage for items you need and want. Or maybe let them go all together once you actually know what you have and figure out what to do with it!

Garage & Attic ReFresh

That’s not all! After we’ve set up organizing systems for you, let us help you keep it that way!

If you need us, we will be there to:

  • Get items back in their places
  • Figure out new storage solutions if the purpose of a space changes
  • Assist with estate sales or removal of unwanted items

Are You Ready to Get Fresh?

Check out our Hire Us page for organizing details and rates.