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Kids Rooms

Creating a calming, organized and personalized space is the goal of a fresh space. Kids collect an amazing amount of stuff and it can be overwhelming to deal with, especially over time. Let a fresh space take the pain out of clearing the clutter and set up easy to use systems that even the kids can manage.

We use a Montessori Method when organizing kids spaces by creating functional zones where kids can be responsible and active participants in the process.

No matter what needs to happen in a kid’s bedroom, we can create a logical and adorable space that your kids will love.

a fresh kids room means…

  • Everything has a home that works for each individual child
  • Easy clean up and easy to find whatever your child needs
  • A neat and tidy space that encourages rest, creativity and fun
  • Less clutter so less stress for you and your child

Kids tend to clutter their spaces naturally when their stuff doesn’t have a home, or things aren’t easy to put away. Our team at a fresh space knows how to create a fun, relaxing space that really reflects the kid that lives there.

a fresh space can…

  • Wrangle clothes, treasures, toys, and books
  • Create homework stations where kids will want to work at
  • Organize reading nooks, play zones and special places for stuffed animals
  • Weeding out all of the flotsam and jetsam that drifts to the corners of these spaces

Kids deserve a clutter free and enjoyable bedroom as well!


The arrival of a baby is a blessing…and pretty darn stressful! Be kind to yourself and let us help you set up your nest for a smooth transition to parenthood. An organized nursery can do wonders for a new parent so you can focus on your new addition instead of wondering where on earth the diaper cream went!

a fresh nursery means…

  • Zones for baby feeding, diapering, playing, and (hopefully!) sleeping
  • Systems for wrangling toys, clothes & accessories
  • Plan for systems to safely preserve keepsakes your little treasure creates
  • Organization of displaced items that got moved out of the room that’s now the nursery

Let a fresh space create the sanctuary that is a well organized nursery. We love babies and we know how to make a safe, tidy and organized space that lets you be the best parent you can be.

a fresh space can…

  • Create zones for all of the activities that take place in a nursery
  • Figure out what to do with all of the baby shower gifts
  • Set up systems for clothes & toys to grow into as well as memories that are created
  • Assist with space planning and creative storage solutions

Make your nursery a refuge for your new addition. Take it from the a fresh space team who have “been there, done that”!


Playrooms can quickly become out of control. Easy clean up is key, as well as clear, designated places where toys and activities live. Don’t let this space become a dumping ground or a room you avoid – make it your go to place for the kids. We are especially skilled at helping your kids make decisions about their stuff. We are neutral and kid centered, helping them make their own decisions to create a space that works for them.

a fresh playroom means…

Studies have shown that the less kids have, the more they use what they have. When you clear away all of the gifts, hand me downs, passing fancies, and the stuff you just knew they’d love, what is left reveals itself as the most beloved and the most played with items.

a fresh space can…

  • Purge, purge, purge the years of accumulated toys the kids just had to have but have now forgotten about
  • Assist with space planning and storage to suit your taste and decor
  • Create zones for each favorite activity, perfectly set up for each child’s needs
  • Provide experiences insight into effective spaces that function well and make clean up easy

An organized playroom means less work for you and less frustration for all!

Kids Room ReFresh

That’s not all! After we’ve set up organizing systems for you, let us help you keep it that way!

If you need us, we will be there to:

  • Corral missing parts & pieces
  • Re-sorting toys and stuffed animals
  • Adjusting systems to work for growing children
  • Creating storage spaces for hand-me-downs

Are You Ready to Get Fresh?

Check out our Hire Us page for organizing details and rates.