A Fresh Kitchen & Pantry

organized modern kitchen


Your kitchen is most likely the hub of your home. It’s where the family gathers, meals are prepared, homework is done, household management occurs, and more. With so much activity in one space, proper organization is essential. So often, people move into a new home and do not have the time to really think about how this new space is going to function for them. Or have been in a home for such a while that things have become out of control.

a fresh kitchen means…

  • Everything you need is at your fingertips
  • Counters are clear and drawers are tidy
  • Spaces and zones are set up for all of your kitchen activities
  • Functional and creative storage solutions so your kitchen works for you

The team at a fresh space analyzes how you work and what you do, then sets up organized zones in your kitchen to make it serve you. Your kitchen should be the heart of your home. Let a fresh space make this happen for you.

a fresh space can…

  • Work with you to sort your stuff and purge unused items
  • Help you make decisions about the loads of kitchen gadgets cluttering your space
  • Take away unwanted items for donation
  • Create systems and strategically using organizing materials

Your kitchen can be a place of enjoyment instead of a place of stress. An organized kitchen means that clean up can be a breeze, and all of the items you love and use are right at your fingertips.


Pantries are often the most frustrating place in a kitchen. Groceries get stuffed in there, random items that you don’t know what to do with clog up the space and who knows what’s on that top shelf in the back! Our team has organized more pantries than you can imagine from tiny spaces to room size storage, each with its own challenges and with a diverse group of families and needs.

a fresh pantry means…

  • No expired foods or weird products
  • Zones and labels so finding what you need is easy
  • Easy access to frequently used items and space for the groceries that show up regularly
  • Places for kids to find their snacks or quick breakfasts

a fresh space can…

  • Group supplies logically and accessible by usage
  • Purge unwanted, expired or unused items and donate as much as possible
  • Place frequently used items (such as lunch boxes and daily snacks) front and center
  • Place infrequently used items (that large platter used once a year at Thanksgiving) accessible, but out of the way.

Have the pantry you’ve always dreamed of in the space you actually have!

Kitchen & Pantry ReFresh

That’s not all! After we’ve set up organizing systems for you, let us help you keep it that way!

If you need us, we will be there to:

  • Toss expired food (according to your specifications)
  • Reunite lids with containers
  • Re-organize items & labeling
  • Create new zones for changing needs

Are You Ready to Get Fresh?

Check out our Hire Us page for organizing details and rates.