Unpacking Services for the Home Buyer

frustration of packingAre you overwhelmed with the moving process?

Panicking over dealing with all the boxes the movers are going to dump (or have dumped) in your new home while you are trying to get up and running?

Did you get started unpacking but are at a standstill with the sheer volume of what is left?

Are you trying to go back to work, get the kids sorted out, get your cable hooked up and the lawn mowed but just can’t look at another box?

Did you move in 3 years ago but still have a garage full of unpacked boxes?

The team at a fresh space will:

  • Provide professional unpacking services that make quick work of all those boxes
  • Remove packing materials leaving areas tidy and clean
  • Install organizing materials for any space of the home
  • Consult with you on organizing supplies and materials that suit your design and budget
  • Provide shopping services for organizing supplies as well as other needed tasks or requests
  • Coordinate with closet system installers, interior designers if needed
  • Create organizing systems throughout the home for you and your family, including home offices and storage spaces

Let a fresh space take the stress out of moving in to your new home by providing you with efficient and comprehensive services to get you unpacked, moved in and feeling great about your space!

Are You Ready to Get Fresh?

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