A Fresh Small Business Office

organized small business office

Small Business Offices

Working in a small business has its own challenges, but being organized means that you can be more productive and work more efficiently when you can find your stuff and get things done. Plus, clients have a lot more respect and appreciation for an organized office space than a chaotic one.

a fresh small business office means…

  • Office supplies neatly binned, labeled and stored properly
  • Only papers you need and use are in your space
  • A smooth paper flow system that allows you to stay on top of your work
  • Digital files that are as well organized as your paper files

Small business owners, or employees of a small business, face specific challenges that a fresh space excels in solving. With constant demands on your time and attention, looking forward seems to be the easiest route but not taking the time to address the backlog and piles is a drain on your energy and attention, making it difficult to be productive and innovative.

a fresh space can…

  • Purge backlogs of paper and supplies
  • Create systems for paper, supplies, projects and more
  • Help you stay in compliance with proper documents storage
  • Create systems for delegation and paper flow
  • Set up scanning technology and cloud storage

Our typical clients are those who own a small business and work in a retail or office setting, an employee of a company who has an office or cubicle, those who are employed by larger corporation but run a satellite office, non-profit employees with minimal support staff, service based businesses and retail operations.

Being a small business owner, or working in a small business setting, can be challenging. Even more so when you don’t feel in control of your space and it is impacting your productivity and focus. Let a fresh space rescue you from the chaos!

Small Business Office ReFresh

That’s not all! After we’ve set up organizing systems for you, let us help you keep it that way!

If you need us, we will be there to:

  • Assist with catching up with papers or tasks
  • Edit or tweak systems to keep up with your growth
  • Provide resources to help with your space or needs
  • Consult on strategies for productivity or time management

Are You Ready to Get Fresh?

Check out our Hire Us page for organizing details and rates.