Organized ReFresh

Life happens, time runs short and keeping up with organizational systems can take a backseat to the tasks and stressors of your day. We’ve all been there! Maybe AFS has created organized systems or perhaps you’ve created your own, but they need maintaining so your life can run smoothly.

Our lives change constantly, and as a result we accumulate new things or focus our energies in new ways. ReFreshing your spaces makes life simpler and easier to manage, while also creating that wonderful sense of order and calm throughout any area of your home. When your organized home or office needs some help getting back on track, AFS will return to continue tailoring your spaces to your needs with a ReFresh. Your time is precious, so let A Fresh Space take the burden of tidying off your shoulders with occasional or regularly scheduled ReFresh appointments.

Regularly set ReFresh sessions would include putting things back in place, tidying up areas, tweaking and editing organizing systems, bringing in additional organizing materials, and assisting with special tasks relating to completed spaces.

ReFresh Options

A Fresh Space can ReFresh a single space, multiple spaces or your entire home. We can focus just on those areas that are of most concern to you, or do a full sweep of all of your spaces. The best thing about regular sessions is knowing that we will be there for you to keep your systems in order, so you can relax and enjoy your space.  Schedule set sessions with your favorite organizer and see how easy we can make your life!

Single Space

organized living room
Maybe you’re feeling like something isn’t working in your existing space, your needs have changed, or time has taken its toll. Don’t worry! A single space ReFresh will work wonders for your peace of mind and efficiency.

We’ll focus our time on:

  • Editing the accumulation of new items
  • Integrating new organizing materials 
  • Freshening and restoring order

We’re here to help you feel calm and happy, in EVERY space in your house!

Multiple Spaces

organized kitchen & living room
Some rooms in the home just get more traffic than others. If you need to reign in any new clutter in those highly used rooms, let us do the work! Tackling multiple spaces can be overwhelming, but we’ll restore your rooms to tip-top shape.

We’ll accomplish this by:

  • Putting items back in the appropriate places
  • Updating and adding materials in the spaces
  • Ensuring there are adequate systems setup

Don’t let a few spaces hold you back from having the organized home of your dreams.

Entire Home

organized kitchen, living and dining rooms
Sometimes we all need a full reset. You know things have gotten out of place here and there, and you want your entire home to be restored to a state of complete order. When you need an all-inclusive ReFresh, we’re happy to step in. 

We’ll get you there by:

  • Performing a home sweep to freshen up all spaces
  • Assisting with outstanding tasks and nagging details
  • Coordinating outside services and oversight

Your home is your sanctuary, and you deserve to have it in the best state possible.

Get a Custom ReFresh Plan!

We’re here to meet your needs, whether it’s once a week, once a year, or anything in between. Contact us today and we’ll create a ReFresh schedule that works around your unique lifestyle. Papers, travel, homework stations, holiday, clothing or crafts? Sometimes it’s not a specific space you need ReFreshed, but collections or groups of items that have become unruly. We will help you wrangle them back into shape so you can bring order back to your life.