bedroom closet

Tackling my closet…even organizers need to once in a while!

This whole closet project started when my daughter needed new hangers. She’s 8 but wearing a size 12-14 so all of her shirts were falling off of the kid size hangers she had. I needed to get her new, regular sized hangers. But then I thought, well, I have a whole bunch of them in my own closet, along with a mish mash of other random hangers I’ve acquired over the years (as most of us do) including the dreaded dry cleaner hangers.  I had a gift card I needed to use at Amazon so I decided to get the Velvet Hangers I’ve wanted for a while.  The nice thing about these is not only do they give a great consistent look, you can save a lot of room – which in my tiny house is a real plus.  A lot of my clothes I’d like to hang were on the shelves and the things that were hung are really crammed in there as you can see.

Here’s the before – not terrible but could definitely use some work:

I took the opportunity while swapping out my hangers to do a quick sort & purge.  I’m not exactly sure why that pillow was there.  I was pretty ruthless which I haven’t really been in a while.  I asked myself the same questions I ask my clients:

  • when was the last time I wore it?
  • was this something that I’d put on and take off because it just wasn’t right?
  • did it FIT?
  • was it dated or tired?
  • how did I feel when I wore it?

I’d rather have fewer things but all stuff I liked.  So here’s what I ended up with in the ‘to go’ group:

Pile of stuff to go onto freecycle, and the full size hangers for my daughter.  The clothes are being picked up tonight and the hangers are already in my daughter’s closet.  HER hangers are being picked up by a freecycler tonight.

When I rehung everything, I grouped like with like (short sleeved with short sleeved, dresses with dresses, etc.):

I have to say, I smile now when I walk in my closet! Next up is my husband’s side of the closet, and the shelves.  It was not as big of a project as I thought it might be.  I think the dread was holding me back!  Once I had the hangers, and the mindset, the whole thing took about 45 minutes and about $30.  The results are so worth it.