p-touch label maker

Test driving the Brother P-Touch 1290 label maker

I’ve had my Brother P-Touch 1280 label maker for a long time, and it’s been great.  So Brother asks me if I’d like to give the 1290 a go.  Hmmm, let me think . . . yeah!  You know I love my label maker (see my earlier post about why and what to look for HERE) and I was pretty psyched to get a new one.

Working with both of them, I’ve gone back and forth, trying out the different features.  The most obvious difference is the look and feel of the labeler.  The 1290 is much cooler looking, and feels better in my hand.  At about the same price point, it’s the one I would choose currently.

Some of the new features include:

  • 2 fonts
  • saves 9 favorite labels
  • lots of decorative options

Even as a professional though, I only use about 5 features total.  For just about any household, this label maker would be perfect which is why I recommend it to all my clients. The best way to know where your stuff is, and where it gets put away, is to label it. My daughter asked me if she could have my old label maker (the 1280) since I now had my new one. I had to think about it. I said no.

If you’d like to get one for your very own self, you can do so . . .
Brother PT1290 Home and Office Labeler