Vendors, Books & Bagels at the DC Organizing Conference

Final post in my series about the MARCPO Conference!  As I’ve mentioned, I really enjoyed the conference in Washington DC hosted by the DC NAPO Chapter.  Not only did I enjoy the speakers, but I met some lovely vendors, got some new organizing books to read, and discovered a few cool places in DC.  So here goes . . .

My favorite vendor had to be Aviva Goldfarb from The Six O’Clock Scramble.  Her on-line menu planning site is all about making quick, healthy meals for your family.  I do love to cook and menu planning isn’t really an issue for me, personally.  However, I have tons of clients who desperately need her service!  Not only is she delightful and energetic, her site is super useful and is a boon to anyone looking to organize their mealtimes.  She’s also got a great cookbook out called “The Six O’Clock Scramble“.

I also met Tricia Kolwicz & Tracy Butler Coe from My Blis (Best Life Information System).  Super nice, and a cool web based home and life information system at your fingertips.  Really great to meet them as the NAPO 2010 National Conference is in Columbus, OH and that is where they are based – looking forward to seeing them again next April.

I did enjoy the “bookstore” at the conference, and picked up a few new books that I’m pretty excited to read:

Erin Rooney Doland just released “Unclutter Your Life in One Week!!” and I got one hot off the presses signed by Erin.  Erin is Editor-In-Chief of  This book is a day by day plan for purging your life of clutter and becoming more efficient and productive.  Who can’t use that?

Also looking forward to reading Julie Hall’s book, The Boomer Burden.  I often work with clients who are dealing with generations worth of stuff from books & papers to furniture & art.  They get overwhelmed separating the good stuff from the pieces that are not worth it, either from a value standpoint or an emotional one.

Finally, while in DC, I got to visit Georgetown Bagelry.  Picked up a few dozen bagels (OK – way too many but I couldn’t resist) for my family.  I twitter with Mary Beth Adler who owns the place and just had to pop in and check it out.  Super cute place and, just, YUM.

So vendors, books and bagels – what could be better?  Looking for more books to check out?  Look on my website “Readings” page.  My favorites are there and I’m continually updating as I read more.  Questions?  Shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to answer!

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