At a fresh space, getting organized or getting moved begins with our initial consultation. Our organizing or moving concierge team meets with you, examines what’s going on in your life and space, then creates a plan of action to make your move or your space amazing (which coincidentally is the word we hear almost every day from our clients). For our relocation clients, this consult process may be virtual so we can be fully prepared to get you moved in, unpacked, and settled quickly and efficiently, with the least amount of down time possible. 

After the organizing or moving consult, we’ll outline major expectations such as how long it may take, project dates and times, as well as any organizing materials or storage solutions we may need. Our initial consultation generally takes 1-2 hours, taking quite a bit of stress off of your mind knowing we are here to help by making everything run smoothly with your organizing project or your move (or both!).

Our Process

With nearly 20 years of experience, our detailed and efficient organizing process has been thoroughly refined. As a full service organizing & moving concierge company, we take care of everything from decluttering, unpacking, shopping and returns, coordinating outside services, to sourcing amazing organizing products. We strive to make getting organized and getting moved as easy as possible so you can focus on the important things like working with us to build your perfect system and organized spaces. a fresh space’s team approach blends caring and empathy with a get-it-done attitude, giving you the organized spaces you want and the easiest move ever.


This is where the fun starts! We pull everything out and group like with like, first with general categories, then we get more granular.


The sorting process is the building block for the entire project - when done correctly - it sets the stage for the final product!


In our “EDIT” stage, this is where we make the big decisions. Should it stay or should it go? With our guidance, even the hardest decisions can be made easier!


We make it easy for you by facilitating each step of the decision making process - you can do it!


Now it’s time for our team to bring in fabulous new bins and organizing materials, or repurpose your own! Let’s get contained and organized.


This is the most fun part seeing the transformation from blah to amazing!


The next (and critical) step to our process, our team finishes up by labeling all of your containers. From basic looks to custom designs, we have all the labels you need.


Labels are the icing on the cake - we can make the as plain or as fancy as you like but always super clear and functional!


Once you've lived with your new systems for a bit, we can come back for a one time or regular ReFresh for your spaces keeping them tidy and functional!


Even the best systems need a reset as your life and needs change - and we are here for you!
Ready for a fresh start?


Our full service move concierge and professional organizing team makes your move the easiest ever! While decluttering, preparing to move, moving, unpacking, and/or downsizing can seem daunting, our efficient methods have grown out of 20 years’ experience working side by side with our treasured clients. 

Our team manages your move every step of the way whether it’s cross country, locally, up or downsizing, or to luxury senior living communities. Our step by step process handles all of the details with efficiency, compassion, and expertise. We understand all of the chaos that can surround these major life changes – and we are here to help!

Our luxury senior move concierge & estate clearing services make this sometimes challenging process smooth and stress free.


Kitchen & Pantry

Start and end your day with a beautifully organized kitchen and pantry that makes cooking and cleaning up a breeze. Having these spaces organized is a necessity, not a luxury, and we can help! Our team focuses on making functional spaces that work for you and your family, taking into consideration all aspects of your specific needs. Then we make it gorgeous with the perfect products and styling so you’ll want to have a party in your pantry!


Make your closet the favorite part of your home with a fresh closet makeover. Edit, purge and style the heck out of your space to create a gorgeous closet that makes sense for you and your lifestyle. Making the closet function and look great means you function better as a person – making it a place you love means you’ll start and end your day in a space that suits you and how you live.

Playroom Organization
& Kid spaces

Are you tired of dealing with a chaotic and cluttered playroom? Kids can create a whole lot of mess, especially if they’re used to a disorganized space! With the help of our organizing specialists, you can get playrooms and other kid centric spaces back on track. Our team approaches kids’ spaces using the Montessori methods of zones, systems, and creating organization that encourages responsibility and creativity. 


Do you have a cluttered garage? Are you unable to even park your car in your garage? In order to finally make use of your garage space for its intended purpose, or to build that gym or workshop you’ve always dreamed of, our team of organizing and installation experts can create the garage you’ve been dreaming of! Clearing out the accumulated years of clutter and setting up storage systems to corral all your gear can be life changing.


Specializing in relocation clients, local moves & renovations, our moving concierge and organizing team helps realtors and interior designers declutter spaces, coordinate move prep, manage move in/move out including editing the contents and/or removing all items from a space or home (and bringing them back!), organizing & staging spaces, and full service unpacking from start to finish including amazing organizing products and materials.We handle all the details not necessarily in your scope of work so you can focus on what you do best!

We also travel with our relocation & design clients to other locations to manage the process from start to finish.

Locations in Nashville, Southwest Florida & Scottsdale AZ

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