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a fresh space provides professional organizing, move management, unpacking and home maintenance services for your home, office, or move. Serving the greater Nashville area including Franklin, Brentwood, College Grove, Green Hills, Forest Hills, East Nashville, the Gulch, Oak Hills, Belle Meade and more. Virtual organizing and consulting available locally and nationally. Our virtual organizing services are especially useful during our current social distancing turn of events. Please reach out if we can help in this way!

Clear the Clutter

Editing out what you don’t need frees up your mind and energy to focus on the things that truly matter. As we firmly believe: cluttered spaces create cluttered minds.

Gain Time

When you are organized, you’ll have time to do what you love and make memories with those who are important to you. Organized spaces support you by making it easier to be more productive.

Feel Balanced

Be fully present in your life and gain control of your surroundings. Being organized means creating the simplicity and order you need to realize your dreams.


Our focus is making your home a place you love by getting you organized, helping you move and unpack and taking care of all of the little things that can cause stress or frustration in your space. Our full-service approach takes your project from start to finish including shopping, returns, donations and consignment, so you are left with a perfectly organized and amazing space.


Our clients are typically busy people who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, often from a life change that throws them off their stride. This may be a move, a new baby, an empty nest, dealing with an estate, a job change, or just years of accumulated stuff that weighs them down. If this sounds like you – please reach out so we can help like we’ve done for hundreds of clients over the years. Our team is non-judgmental, kind, caring, and just so nice, plus they really know what they are doing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a consult so we can get started down the path of making your life easier!

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    Sort, edit, contain & label forms the core of the organizing process but our systems take it a step further by diving deep into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your situation.


    Move only what you love and need in your new space with lots of help to make your move the smoothest and easiest one ever.


    A voice of experience and reason to help fine tune your business systems, create a plan of action for a DIY project, or help with space planning and storage solutions. Get organized virtually with our experienced team guiding you every step of the way.


    Imagine no more boxes, just perfectly organized spaces that work for you in your new home, with organizing systems to get you off to the perfect start in this new phase of your life.


    Tidying it all back up and revisiting the systems to make sure it is all still working exactly as it should, while taking care of any updates or tweaks that are needed.

  • Installing & Repairing

    All the little broken things, the honey-do list and all the unfinished handyman projects...done!









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