"I love my new apartment so much now that it is organized!! Your girls are miracle workers and you are gifted for being able to look at a space and know exactly what will look great in it!!"

"I see why you are so proud of your team. They are awesome. They are definitely hard workers and they were just lovely to be around. I'm thrilled with the progress so far. I'm so grateful I found you!!!"

"We LOVE the pantry - I'm cooking at home now so much more because it is so much easier to find things!

"I dreaded and feared moving because special memories tied me to my house. Liz listened carefully to what I wanted, and her staff delivered. Read how a fresh space saved my day."

"You and your team are amazing! What a phenomenal job! Looking forward to next steps. I wish I had 10% of your energy! See you again soon."



Dear Liz, Had 2 intense but productive days with your girls. Wanted to let you know this was one of the
best experiences Bob and I had, and, though not looking forward to more, I know I will welcome your
team’s return as we do the kitchen and the library in the next phase! I have been procrastinating for so
long, having help really made a difference and got me motivated. I understand now I have to continue
clearing and weeding out excess. My thanks to your hardworking team.

Moved & Unpacked


"Absolutely IN LOVE with the work done. The staff couldn't have been better. I love my living space now and can't wait for the next project. My husband wants us to go room by room. You have a lifetime customer! :)"

"I don't know when I've enjoyed my home more than since you all got every room super-organized for me! It's HEAVEN! And we've done a pretty good job of keeping things in order. It's just so much easier to keep things in their places now!"

"My experience with Liz and 'A Fresh Space' was literally life changing! Not only did they totally overhaul my pantry, but they helped me see the possibilities of organizing other spaces in my house. I feel so much better knowing where things are at!"

"I wanted to thank you again for transforming the chaos I referred to as a home office into a place where I can function efficiently without feeling overwhelmed. I love that I can see where everything is at a glance... the feeling is very liberating and calming."

"I'm walking into the bank for a loan and had to bring 2 tax returns. They were filed/labeled perfectly so I found them easily and didn't have a freak out looking for them. Organization is priceless."

Ready for a fresh start?