About A Fresh Space

liz jenkins organizing back in the day

How It All Started

a fresh space began in 2006 when Liz Jenkins, Certified Professional Organizer, moved in a very organized fashion to Franklin, TN with her husband, then three year old daughter, and many pets in tow to an area where her husband’s family has lived since the late 1700’s. This move prompted the creation of a fresh space which honors her desire to help others, utilizes her love of bins & boxes, checking off task lists and creating orderly systems for everyone and everything around her.

a fresh space has been helping clients get organized and get things done for nearly a decade in the Nashville area. Education, training, experience, confidentiality and professionalism
are taken very seriously, using our talent and skills to help you and yours. The team at a fresh space is here for you!

We make organizing fun. We know it is the bane of most people’s existence – but that’s why people like us are on this planet! We are that outside eye, the voice that asks you if you really love that pair of shoes, and the one who says that it’s ok to let something go. We are that extra set of hands that helps you get things done so you can enjoy your life instead of struggle through it. When it comes to our clients, our main goal is to help you achieve yours.

Our Process

Helping you get organized is our passion! We work with who you are, where you are, while figuring out what your goals are. Once we have that vision and the plan of action, we take it from there.

Sorting through the clutter, creating groups of items that make sense to you, making decisions about what stays or goes, then creating effective systems that work for you and your life is the way to get organized with a fresh space.

Our Work

Our staff has given our clients a fresh space in these ways (and more!):

  • Organized a kitchen and pantry creating functional systems that keep up with a busy family
  • Swapped out mismatched hangers, bins & baskets in a master closet to matching slim line flocked hangers while de-cluttering and organizing the contents including grouping like with like and color coding every item so it could be mistaken for an upscale clothing store
  • Created a kids homework station in the kitchen, fully stocked and sorted for each child
  • Created “Christmas World” in an attic with all Christmas items sorted, binned, labeled and ready for the next holiday season
  • Completely sorted and purged a playroom/game room, redesigned it and zoned it out with everything tidily stored and labeled and ready for play
  • Sorted out and created a streamlined dental office system for supplies and equipment
  • Unpacked contents of 45 boxes of old papers, documents and memorabilia, sorting them into categories, carefully stored the keepers, and took 14 bags to the shredders
  • Organized and designed a display for vitamins and supplements for a medical office
  • Created a home school filing system as well as organized and efficient home school supply closet
  • Organized a corporate test facility kitchen
  • Sorted & purged 30 years worth of photos, and created an organized photo storage system
  • Created a functional and welcoming reading nook set up to be relaxing and a great study zone
  • Went through a multitude of boxes of yarn & knitting supplies, created an organized and useful storage solution as well as helped our client let go of yarns & magazines that were truly never going to be used
  • Organized a toy donation storage room for a non-profit domestic violence shelter
  • Tackled and organized a packed garage leaving enough room to park TWO cars

We have organized so many things that it’s hard to list them all here. We love what we do and get a kick out of each new challenge. Also, there’s very little we haven’t seen, so please don’t feel embarrassed or hesitate to get some help. That’s what we are here for.

Our Founder, Liz Jenkins

Liz Jenkins : Professional Organizer : Serving the Greater Nashville area
Liz Jenkins is a Certified Professional Organizer and owner of a fresh space. She is ready to help you make your life work for you the way you want to live. Her experienced, talented and pretty amazing team at a fresh space is here to help.

Our head organizing geek oversees an amazing team of organizers to help each of our clients get, and stay, organized.

She is truly an organizing geek.  You know, a place for everything and everything in its place.  Gets really excited over gadgets like her label maker & scanner, and stuff like bins & manila file folders.

And more about Liz Jenkins, CPO, if you really want to know . . .

  • Member since 2006 of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
  • Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®)
  • NAPO Golden Circle Member (5+ years in the organizing business)
  • Accredited Staging Professional (ASP)
  • Member of  ICD (Institute of Challenging Disorganization)
  • Founding member, past Programming Director, Vice President and 2013-14 President of NAPO Nashville
  • PR & Marketing Board Member & Social Media Committee member for NAPO National
  • NAPO National Conference Committee 2012-2016
  • NAPO National Conference Chair 2015
  • Received the NAPO President’s Award in 2015

Liz Jenkins believes: “Being a Professional Organizer is the best career ever. Each business I’ve owned or worked in, each charity to which I donate my time, each bit of effort to make the world a better place leads to being better at what I do, in that all of it enables me to understand my clients better and help them achieve their goals and dreams.”

  • Degrees in Psychology & Exceptional Education including Masters Level work in Learning Disabilities
  • Teacher of Special Needs students for 9 years
  • Business owner
  • Board of Directors and long time volunteer of the Animal Refuge Center (a no-kill animal shelter)
  • Long time animal rescuer & kitten foster parent, foster mom and volunteer for Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue
  • Volunteer and sidewalker at Saddle Up, a therapeutic horse facility in Franklin, TN
  • Member of The Heritage Foundation of Franklin & Williamson County and the Harpeth River Watershed Association
  • Backyard chicken owner & urban farm dweller
  • Actively involved in community service for nearly 25 years in the areas of animal rescue, the arts and children
  • Mother and wife, family manager, transportation expert, scheduler extraordinaire
  • Cancer survivor
  • Avid reader, adventurous home cook, crocheter, iPhone addict, NPR listener, gardener and manager of email

She has a stash of seemingly useless, inadvertently acquired information such as details of every Harry Potter character, how to disentangle Barbie hair from the vacuum, the ins and outs of chicken wrangling, the many uses of wine gone bad, what happens when you stand on the tail of a skateboard, the best way to hide a cat box from an inquiring dog, and more.

Plus, a stash of very useful information which includes where and how to find and use the best organizing materials to suit any space, any taste and any decor. She’s all about form meeting function – “There is nothing I love better than a perfectly organized space that also looks amazing.”

Liz Jenkins & her team love helping people figure out where they want to be . . . and setting them on the path to get there.