Luxury Senior Move Concierge



We are your trusted partner, creating order out of chaos and offering clarity on what is important by managing your move from start to finish. We understand that moving often coincides with other big changes such as downsizing or clearing an estate, and that your memories and life’s work should be honored in meaningful ways. Our experienced team of professional organizers has the skills to work with you to edit, determine the best plan of action, and transition you to a space that is beautifully organized, feels like home, and reflects who you are. We manage each detail of your move and are with you every step of the way.

By working with us, you’ll gain the ability to quickly adjust to your new place, figure out its systems, get to know your neighbors, explore your new community, and host friends and loved ones in a beautiful new space soon after you move in.

We look forward to partnering with you in planning your move to a fresh new space!

Our Process

With nearly 20 years of experience, our detailed and efficient organizing process has been thoroughly refined. As a full service organizing & moving concierge company, we take care of everything from decluttering, unpacking, shopping and returns, coordinating outside services, to sourcing amazing organizing products. We strive to make getting organized and getting moved as easy as possible so you can focus on the important things like working with us to build your perfect system and organized spaces. a fresh space’s team approach blends caring and empathy with a get-it-done attitude, giving you the organized spaces you want and the easiest move ever.


Declutter all spaces of the home helping you make decisions about what to keep or let go.


We make it as easy as possible and facilitate each step. Our team is wonderful at helping you work through memories and other items.


Stage, style, pack ahead, and ready a home for sale or the move.


Managing each portion to make the move process seamless and as prepared as possible.


Work with designers, builders, vendors, and movers to make sure we stay on track and nothing gets missed.


Our team picks up the tasks that fall outside of the wheelhouse of the others working on your project.


Oversee the move process from start to finish, managing the movers to get you from here to there seamlessly and efficiently.


We are there making sure everything runs smoothly from the pack to the load to the unload.


Full service including removal of all boxes. We take care of every detail making sure nothing is missed.


We don't just stick things wherever they fit - we pay attention to detail and make sure everything is where it needs to be.


Set up systems, procure products, and make it amazingly functional & gorgeous.


We leave you with a space that not only looks like home and functions perfectly for your new needs.

Move Concierge Services for Downsizing Seniors

We help retirees downsize and resettle into senior living communities by managing all the details of your move and eliminating the stress that comes with making difficult decisions about what to do with all of your belongings. Our services allow you to quickly settle in and enjoy life in a new space that is beautifully organized, feels like home, and reflects who you are. We understand the challenges that come into play with a major life change such as this so our highly trained team is attuned to the specific needs of our clients, bringing warmth, caring, and empathy as part of our process.

We regularly coordinate with family members, community managers, designers, executors, or other involved parties to make the process as smooth as possible, taking care of all of the parts that may not fall in their wheelhouses.



At a fresh space, getting moved begins with our initial consultation.

Our move concierge team meets with you, examines what’s going on in your life and space then formulates a plan of action to make your move amazing and stress free. This consultation may involve site visits to the new residence as well as the current home. We also meet with family members, designers, and others that are involved with this process. 

For our relocation clients, the consult process may be virtual so we can be fully prepared to get you moved in, unpacked, and settled in quickly and efficiently, with the least amount of down time.

After the consult, we’ll outline major expectations such as project dates and timelines, stages of the process, as well as any organizing materials or storage solutions we may need. Our initial consultation generally takes 1-2 hours and can take quite a bit of stress off of your mind knowing we are here to help make everything run smoothly. The move concierge consultation is $195.

what we do

estate Downsizing & Move Concierge Services

Our focused team of move concierges and professional organizers provides you with the hands-on guidance you need for this major change in life. Moving to a senior living community can be one of the biggest stressors our clients have and it is our joy and pleasure to take that stress off your plate so you can focus on the fun part of moving – the planning, designing, and living!

For our estate clients, our team takes a highly detailed approach to clearing out a space with efficiency and thoughtfulness, working with heirs and executors.

Our friendly team draws on decades of experience with our expertise in:

  • helping you figure out what to do with all your items
  • decluttering for home staging and sale
  • determining handyman services needed for repairs and touchups
  • working with your designer, community liaisons, and vendors
  • coordinating donations, sale of items, and cleaning
  • coordinating estate sales
  • securing and overseeing packers & movers
  • unpacking and removing all boxes
  • creating organized spaces and systems in your new home
  • eliminating chaotic logistics around trying to get settled

What you gain by working with our move concierge team?

A friend who cares about your move.

We are your partner, and we have the distance to be your objective voice, helping you make clear, rational decisions about your space and your things. We help you declutter, edit, and dispose of unwanted items.

A professional organizer.

We unpack and set up kitchens, closets, garages, and everything in between for function, order, and peace.

 Our focus is highly detailed and efficient, taking your life and routines into consideration to create gorgeous and functional spaces that work for your lifestyle.

A move concierge.

We become your personal coordinator, working closely with your movers, designer, and other vendors, to streamline all logistics for your move-out and move-in.

A fairy Godmother.

We’ll get rid of all those boxes before you know it and help you get settled. Our clients say it’s like magic when what would have taken seemingly forever is completed more quickly than ever imagined!

The best thing that ever happened to you.

The best part of our job is hearing what a difference we’ve made in our clients lives…and we can’t wait to be part of yours.