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Here at A Fresh Space, our experienced handymen serve as true craftsmen. With a strong
attention to detail, a focus on making sure things are done perfectly, and a drive for absolute
tidiness while working, our handymen make sure your spaces are so much better than when we started.

Originating as a support team, our team of handymen took on a more full time role within
A Fresh Space as the demand for installations and repairs steadily grew throughout the years. Bringing decades of experience and a meticulous approach to every project – the AFS handymen make sure all of our clients are 100% satisfied and delighted with their spaces.

what we do


Elfa Installation
Art Hanging
Garage Systems
Furniture Repair
Drywall Repair
Minor Electrical
Minor Plumbing
Pressure Washing
Trash Disposal


While there is a lot our Fresh Space team can handle, there are also things we don’t. This includes remodeling, additions, tile work, roofing, and major plumbing or electrical work. However, we are happy to project manage these services, or bring in experts to tackle these parts of your project needs, as well as refer you to reliable professionals.

Handyman Installation Specialties

Working With The Handymen

Our handymen have as much of a passion for organized spaces as our organizers do, and they support our on site organizing or move management work by installing systems, assisting on site during moves & unpacks, repairing and taking care of all sorts of household tasks, and more.

Typically our organizers will identify needs either at the consult or during the organizing project. One of our handymen will come by to evaluate and give you estimates, then get your project in the queue! They operate on a slightly different schedule than the organizing team but our organizing clients and projects take priority. 

There is a 4 hour minimum for our handyman team as an fyi!

organized living room by a fresh space


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Pull Out Shelves

AFS is the exclusive dealer for the Pull Out Shelf Company which custom builds quality pull out shelves for kitchens, bathroom, etc. with a great price point and quick delivery & install. We also install Rev-A-Shelf products like mixer lifts and drawer inserts!

Art Installation

AFS has become the top installer of GarageSmart products in our area and our clients have been thrilled with these motorized lifts that are operated by your smartphone! Platforms for storage, bikes and kayaks, as well as Jeep tops!

New Age

Industrial workbenches, tool storage, lockers, and closed cabinets for garages, workshops, and more. Solid and functional, these pieces are workhorses!


Our organizing & handyman team collaborate to create fabulous Elfa spaces in closets, pantries, garages, and more. Elfa is the endlessly customizable storage solution from The Container Store and our team is expert level at designing & installing.