When it comes to your home or office spaces, you might not always have the time, resources or expertise to take control of your clutter. As life is sometimes busy and messy, this can often reflect in the spaces you spend the most time in! Finally, with the help of professional organizer A Fresh Space, you can get a handle on your clutter.

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what we do


Our organizing process makes decluttering your spaces so much easier.

With a careful sorting and grouping process, our team can help guide you through the decisions on what to keep and what to toss. We handle all of the aspects of decluttering your spaces by coordinating donations, consignment or other services needed to clear all of the clutter out of your life.

Spaces We Organize


Make your closet the favorite part of your home with a fabulously organized closet makeover! Edit, purge and style the heck out of your space to create a gorgeous closet that makes getting dressed the best part of the day. And, with our help, you can create a structured closet system for your kids where they can learn to take care of themselves, making your life that much easier.

organized closet by fresh space nashville
kitchen free of clutter organized by a professional organizer


Make cooking and cleaning up a breeze with a beautifully organized kitchen and pantry. With help from our design and organization experts, you can build an efficient organized kitchen suitable to invite your friends and family over to relax and enjoy. Having an organized kitchen and pantry is a necessity, not a luxury. Just as food feeds the soul, the kitchen is the hub of your home – make it one that you love living in.


Whether you run your business, your home or both out of your office, a tidy and organized space makes for a more efficient and less stressed lifestyle. Wrap up each work day knowing that everything is ready for the next. With a professionally organized office space, you can finally be productive in your office, meaning more time for you and your family.

home office drawer organized by professional organizer
garage cabinetry installed by professional organizer


Do you have a cluttered garage? Are you unable to even park your car in your garage? In order to finally make use of your garage space for its intended purpose, or to build that gym or workshop you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll have to get organized. Clearing out the accumulated years of clutter and setting up storage systems to corral all your gear can be life changing.


Are you tired of dealing with a disorganized, cluttered playroom? Kids can create a whole lot of messes, especially if they’re used to a not so tidy space! With the help from our curated design and organizing specialists, you can get your children’s playroom back on track. Create a streamlined, organizing system that works for you and your family with the goal of not only creating an amazing place for the little ones to play but also easy for them to tidy up.

organized childrens play room by professional organizer

Our Organizing Process

With nearly two decades of experience, and our established relationships with clients, our detailed and efficient organizing process has been thoroughly refined. As a full-service organizations provider, we take care of everything from shopping and returns, coordinating outside services, to sourcing amazing organizing products and materials.

We strive to make getting organized as easy as possible so you can focus on the important things like working with us to build your perfect system. A Fresh Space’s team approach blends caring and empathy with a get-it-done attitude, giving you the organized spaces you want and
desperately need.


This is where the fun starts! We pull everything out and group like with like, first with general categories, then we get more granular.


The sorting process is the building block for the entire project - when done correctly - it sets the stage for the final product!


In our “EDIT” stage, this is where we make the big decisions. Should it stay or should it go? With our guidance, even the hardest decisions can be made easier!


We make it easy for you by facilitating each step of the decision making process - you can do it!


Now it’s time for our team to bring in fabulous new bins and organizing materials, or repurpose your own! Let’s get contained and organized.


This is the most fun part seeing the transformation from blah to amazing!


The next (and critical) step to our process, our team finishes up by labeling all of your containers. From basic looks to custom designs, we have all the labels you need.


Labels are the icing on the cake - we can make the as plain or as fancy as you like but always super clear and functional!


Once you've lived with your new systems for a bit, we can come back for a one time or regular ReFresh for your spaces keeping them tidy and functional!


Even the best systems need a reset as your life and needs change - and we are here for you!


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