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Have some questions? We have answers!

What happens at the initial consult?

The initial consult is designed to evaluate your space, determine your needs, and create a plan of action. We take notes, photos, measurements, and gather lots of information. Once we see what is going on in your home or office, and in your life, the plan of action is created so you know exactly what it will take to get you organized. We provide recommendations, systems and product ideas, as well as determine the best use of your space and additional storage needs. If you’d like more details, check out the Work With Us page.

What if I want to organize myself after the initial consult?

Great! The consult gives you so much information, that if you feel comfortable moving forward, we are there to support you. Take the plan and run with it! If you decide at any point you need us, we will be there for you.

Are you going to make me get rid of all my stuff?

Not unless you want to! The goal of organizing isn’t to make people get rid of stuff. It’s to guide you in the decision making process so you can determine what is meaningful or useful and what is not. If you do decide to get rid of a lot of stuff, we can make that happen. Our full service approach means that we take care of consignment or donations for you. If it turns out that everything needs to stay, we create storage solutions for your stuff so you can find what you need when you need it.

Do I need to know what kind of storage I need or what types of organizing materials to use?

No! Because we do. Our full service approach means that we come prepared with recommendations for the perfect organizing products from baskets and bins to custom vinyl labels that suit your style and budget. We have an extensive knowledge of product as well as storage solutions such as garage shelving, Elfa and closet systems. When we organize your space, we bring all of the materials with us and return what we don’t need.

How long will it take to get my kitchen (or other spaces) organized?

The time each space takes has a few things that factor into it:

  • How quickly you make decisions
  • The types of things we are organizing (papers take more time than canned goods)
  • The level of detail you want in the space
  • The density of the items we are working through

That being said, with our team approach and experience, we can get through spaces much more quickly than you’d expect, leaving you with a tidy and organized space that is a pleasure to behold.

How much will it cost?

All of our rates are posted on the “Work With Us” page. Fees include the initial consultation, on site organizing time, our off-site services, and any additional services that are requested plus material used in the project. At the initial consultation, we break down your spaces into manageable chunks and then give you an estimate for each project.

Why do different organizers charge different rates?

As with most professions, a person or team with more experience will be at a higher rate than those with less experience. A project will be accomplished more efficiently and more effectively due to the level of experience and knowledge that is brought to the table. A Fresh Space has realized that in using a team approach having a group of experienced sets of hands on the job, the project goes exponentially faster as each person can focus on specific areas of the project, keep the flow going and allow the client to focus on what their job is – making decisions. We staff for success by placing team members with specific skill sets on the right projects and providing enough staff on site to take the job from start to finish.

I'm embarrassed about the mess in my life and I'm not sure I want you or anyone to see it.

It can be hard to let others in to see things that make you feel guilty, frustrated or ashamed. But please know that there is probably nothing we haven’t seen, and we are never judgmental or critical. In fact, we are so happy that you’ve called us so we can help. We have worked with so many people in so many situations with only empathy and consideration. Our only goal is to help you achieve yours.

Will people find out that I've hired someone to help me get organized?

We have a strict confidentiality policy at A Fresh Space. It is in our Client Agreement with you, and in our Employment Agreement. We do not talk about you or your stuff or your situation with anyone without your specific permission. This is actually why you won’t see a lot of before and after photos on our website or social media. Occasionally we will post photos from jobs but only with client approval (and sometimes at their urging!). This is also why we don’t have signage on our vehicles.

You were referred by a friend/business acquaintance. Will you tell them about my situation?

Absolutely not. Unless you want us to. If they ask, we simply explain that we don’t share information about our clients.

Are you insured?

Yes! As well as incorporated as an LLC and licensed with the state. Our business insurance is comprehensive and includes workers comp and disability for our incredible team of organizers as well.

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