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How to do the perfectly organized seasonal clothing swap

Liz Jenkins February 24, 2022
new word of the year

1 New Word of the Year?

Liz Jenkins February 5, 2021

11 Organizing Tips You Will Actually Stick To

Liz Jenkins January 14, 2021
kids space organized with Montessori Method

Organizing Using the Montessori Method

Liz Jenkins September 8, 2020

Getting Organized While Social Distancing

Maria Brannon March 20, 2020
Spring Garage Organization

Garage Organization Tips for Spring

Maria Brannon March 8, 2020

The Key to finding Clarity and Focus When You're Feeling Stuck

Maria Brannon February 8, 2020

refresh 2020 - 5 day challenge

Maria Brannon January 6, 2020
resting by reading near the ocean

Making Space for Rest in 2020

Liz Jenkins January 2, 2020
soothing cup of tea in star mug on white table

Mindful Gifts for the Holidays

Maria Brannon December 8, 2019
organized ornaments in container store red ornament box

The Holidays Are Here

Maria Brannon November 8, 2019
woman writing wish list for new home

Thinking of moving? Organize your wish list for your new house!

Liz Jenkins October 30, 2019
artist in her organized art studio

Creativity and Organization: Why They Need to Coexist

Liz Jenkins October 16, 2019
agenda on desk with flowers

Honoring Your Space, Your Time, and Your Stuff

Liz Jenkins October 2, 2019
yarn project with knitting needles

Giving yourself a reality check for future projects

Liz Jenkins September 25, 2019
clothing at a thrift shop

Sell or Donate? Decisions, decisions...

Liz Jenkins September 23, 2019
organized dorm room

Dorm Organization – Tips from a College Student

Liz Jenkins September 12, 2019

5 ways to finally organize your garage

Liz Jenkins August 8, 2019
woman running at sunset

Getting Organized is the Key to New Year’s Resolutions

Liz Jenkins January 26, 2018
minimal holiday gift

How to Deal with Unwanted Gifts this Holiday Season

Liz Jenkins December 20, 2017
new york city viewfinder

Decision Overwhelm

Liz Jenkins November 15, 2017
simple and light kitchen

The Power of Simplicity

Liz Jenkins October 18, 2017
woman happy on a balcony at sunset

It's Ok to Say No

Liz Jenkins September 20, 2017
family on a pier at sunset

Minimalism and Parenting

Liz Jenkins August 23, 2017
sun shining through trees

Move Yourself Forward With Self-Grace

Liz Jenkins July 19, 2017
woman window shopping

Is Shopping Getting in Your Way?

Liz Jenkins June 22, 2017
yarn and knitted items on a blanket

Sunk Costs

Liz Jenkins May 26, 2017
goal notebook on a desk with coffee

Little Things that Make a Big Difference

Liz Jenkins March 30, 2017
Home interior right after moving in

Between Homes - How to Have a Stress-Free Move

Liz Jenkins February 8, 2017
fresh and organized new year

A Fresh (and Organized) New Year

Liz Jenkins January 3, 2017
holiday wrapping paper organization

Gift Wrap Organization Done Right

Liz Jenkins December 16, 2016
tiny wardrobe tour

The Tiny Wardrobe Tour Comes to Nashville

Liz Jenkins November 9, 2016
holiday candles and pine cones

Prepare for the Holiday Season the Easy Way!

Liz Jenkins October 27, 2016
sweaters with fall leaves

Your Guide to a Stress-Free Seasonal Wardrobe Swap

Liz Jenkins October 12, 2016
monkey bars overhead storage

Rethinking Garage Organization

Liz Jenkins September 28, 2016
organized family command center

Habits of an Organized Family

Liz Jenkins September 15, 2016

How to Pack An Eco-Friendly School Lunch

Liz Jenkins September 2, 2016
mise en place ingredients

Mise en Place: Productivity Redefined

Liz Jenkins August 10, 2016

Tips for Photo Organizing - Q&A with Julie Berry

Liz Jenkins July 28, 2016
minimalism documentary

Minimalism - Could it Work for You?

Liz Jenkins June 29, 2016
organized cosmetics

Six Steps to Organize Your Make-Up!

Liz Jenkins June 15, 2016
afs team at great garage rescue

The Goodwill Great Garage Rescue!

Liz Jenkins May 11, 2016
productivity myths and reality

Myth or Reality? 7 Tall Tales About Productivity - Guest Post

Liz Jenkins April 28, 2016
capsule wardrobe

A Fresh Version of the Capsule Wardrobe

Liz Jenkins March 23, 2016
adhd proof your schedule your schedule using trello

How to ADHD-Proof Your Schedule Using Trello - Guest Post

Liz Jenkins February 17, 2016
decluttered dining room

Top Reasons to Declutter Before You Move!

Liz Jenkins February 3, 2016
organized desk

9 Smart Yet Simple Ways to Organize Your Office - Guest Post

Liz Jenkins January 19, 2016
holiday presents

Mindful Tips for a Stress-Free and Organized Holiday

Liz Jenkins December 21, 2015
organized pantry shelf

5 Tips for an Organized Space - Guest Post

Liz Jenkins October 28, 2015
final bike rack installed

Monkey Bar Storage - Bike Rack Review

Liz Jenkins September 29, 2015
kiva storage bins

Organizing Myth: Bins and Labels Make You Organized

Liz Jenkins September 2, 2015
organized school supplies

Stock Up on School Supplies - The Organized Way

Liz Jenkins August 20, 2015
fridge organizing bins

Back To School: How to Organize Lunches Like a Pro

Liz Jenkins August 5, 2015
back to school calendar

Preparing an Organized Student to go Back to School - Guest Post

Liz Jenkins August 1, 2015
modernize logo

Tiny House Love: Tips for Really, Really Small Space Living - Modernize Guest Post

Liz Jenkins June 2, 2015
piggy bank save money organizing

Top 5 ways getting organized can save you money!

Liz Jenkins March 20, 2015
kids at summer camp

Create work life balance with help from others.

Liz Jenkins March 5, 2015

Get organized for summer camps!

Liz Jenkins February 19, 2015

Organize your home to time & money!

Liz Jenkins February 5, 2015
nashville mom logo

The Nashville Mom guest post: Apps to help you get organized!

Liz Jenkins January 21, 2015
Organizing Holiday Decorations

Six tips for organizing holiday decorations!

Liz Jenkins December 13, 2014

Seasonal closet tips with!

Liz Jenkins September 19, 2014

Setting up the perfect (and organized) homework station!

Liz Jenkins August 21, 2014

5 tips for organizing your charitable donation tax receipts

Liz Jenkins August 9, 2014

Do you have too many shoes? Maybe....

Liz Jenkins July 18, 2014

An Organized Transition Into Summer...

Liz Jenkins June 30, 2014

The Love of Gardening ... Oh Wait, How Much Squash Do I Need?

Liz Jenkins May 4, 2014

Moving in together? Read this first!

Liz Jenkins May 4, 2014

Summer is coming...are you ready?

Liz Jenkins April 30, 2014
holiday decor and blankets

Organizing your living room & holiday decor: I'm on Pottery Barn and Brentwood Home Page

Liz Jenkins January 3, 2014

Getting ready for the onslaught of holiday toys? Organize now!

Liz Jenkins December 4, 2013

Shopping kids consignment sales: Get organized before you go!

Liz Jenkins August 1, 2013
Back to School

It's time for Back To School: Get organized now for a great year!

Liz Jenkins July 13, 2013

Got $20 in my pocket...getting organized for thrift or consignment shopping.

Liz Jenkins May 29, 2013
ywca logo

New Organizer Training! Thursday, April 4 2013

Liz Jenkins March 19, 2013
pile of papers

And the papers never stop....

Liz Jenkins March 7, 2013

After the holidays...declutter your decorations!

Liz Jenkins January 16, 2013
letter sealed with wax stamp

Follow through...part way is just not enough

Liz Jenkins October 4, 2012
school supplies with boy

It's a new school you know where your papers are?

Liz Jenkins August 22, 2012

3 simple tips to having a better day

Liz Jenkins June 6, 2012
professional organizer at desk

Professional Organizer Training in Franklin, TN!

Liz Jenkins April 9, 2012
kids clothes and shoes

Thinking of consigning your kids stuff?

Liz Jenkins February 6, 2012


Liz Jenkins January 12, 2012

New Hope Academy: Organizing, volunteering & training. Win-win-win!

Liz Jenkins August 23, 2011
bedroom feng shui

Book Review: 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home by Tisha Morris

Liz Jenkins August 1, 2011
chickens outside chilling

Guest Post on Purely Poultry! The Perfectionist's Guide to Raising Chickens.

Liz Jenkins July 18, 2011
taking a video on phone at concert

In the moment with U2

Liz Jenkins July 5, 2011
organized happy home and life book

Your first meeting with a Professional Organizer...doing it right. (part 2)

Liz Jenkins June 6, 2011
organized kitchen

Your first meeting with a Professional Organizer...doing it right. (part 1)

Liz Jenkins May 19, 2011
dishwasher and oven

Don't just stand there!

Liz Jenkins May 12, 2011
green fern leaf

Flowers & ferns: Grab your buyers attention when selling!

Liz Jenkins April 7, 2011
kids with cute clothes

5 simple rules for kids clothing....

Liz Jenkins March 7, 2011
faithful provisions home school logo

Organizing at Faithful Provisions: Home Schooling (part 2)

Liz Jenkins February 27, 2011
the clutter princess logo

Guest Post for The Clutter Princess: When Organizing & Staging Collide

Liz Jenkins February 25, 2011
wrapped gift boxes

Please don't get me footie pajamas for Valentine's day. Really. Don't.

Liz Jenkins February 11, 2011
faithful provisions home school logo

Organizing at Faithful Provisions: Home Schooling (part 1)

Liz Jenkins February 8, 2011

How To Organize Your Chickens...Guest Post for Deb Lee @ Organize To Revitalize

Liz Jenkins February 8, 2011
labrador with dog pack

'Where The Fack Is My Pack' continues its journey . . . .

Liz Jenkins November 9, 2010
dave ramsey logo

Applying Dave Ramsey to your task list . . .

Liz Jenkins September 17, 2010
pantry shelves with food

Don't forget about your pantry when selling . . . so eat up!

Liz Jenkins September 16, 2010
faithful provisions home school logo

Going Paperless in the Kitchen...Guest Post on Faithful Provisions

Liz Jenkins September 1, 2010

My computer was possessed by the letter "h" . . . lessons learned.

Liz Jenkins August 18, 2010

Using 'Notes', or, "I have a lead on a client but can't remember their name!"

Liz Jenkins July 13, 2010

Going green & getting organized with Chico Bags

Liz Jenkins June 23, 2010

Cell Phone Etiquette: Observations From A Mom

Liz Jenkins June 15, 2010

Organizing lessons From The Nashville Flood of 2010

Liz Jenkins May 24, 2010

To Garden or Not To Garden...That Is The Question (when selling)

Liz Jenkins May 21, 2010

YWCA Volunteer Project :: Toy Closet Completed!

Liz Jenkins May 17, 2010

NAPO Nashville gives back...and I get to rumble in the toy closet!

Liz Jenkins May 12, 2010

Want to update crappy formica countertops on a tight budget AND be eco-friendly? Check this out!

Liz Jenkins May 10, 2010

Organizing Tools On The Web

Liz Jenkins April 27, 2010

Organizing Your Kids Starts With You...Guest Post By Miss-Organized

Liz Jenkins April 20, 2010

Having a chat about organizing . . .

Liz Jenkins April 14, 2010

Williamson County Free Shred & Medicine Disposal in April!

Liz Jenkins April 8, 2010

Embrace Your Clutter. . .Release The Guilt

Liz Jenkins March 30, 2010

Organizing For Entrepreneurs :: Finding Success Begins With Finding Your Stuff

Liz Jenkins March 18, 2010

Organizing using wall space: basketballs & guitars

Liz Jenkins March 15, 2010

Mabel's Labels :: Where Has The Internet Gone?

Liz Jenkins March 9, 2010

Dogs & home showings are a bad combination!

Liz Jenkins February 22, 2010

Organizing & 2 Hours . . .

Liz Jenkins February 17, 2010

Like with like ... that's all I'm sayin'

Liz Jenkins February 8, 2010

Book Review: The Organized Mom by Stacey Crew

Liz Jenkins January 25, 2010

Shiny Brass = Kiss of Death

Liz Jenkins January 24, 2010

Blog Talk Radio with Julie Verleger & Me!

Liz Jenkins January 14, 2010

Q & A with Rubbermaid - I'm on their blog!

Liz Jenkins January 7, 2010

Thinking of burying a St. Joseph statue? Go green with EcoJoe!

Liz Jenkins December 31, 2009

Friends Don't Give Friends Clutter For Christmas

Liz Jenkins December 10, 2009

Stinky smells in a home for sale & my quotes in The Tennessean yesterday . . .

Liz Jenkins November 15, 2009

Always Learning . . . Organizing Conference in Washington DC

Liz Jenkins October 27, 2009

Barbies, Legos & Crayons, Oh My!

Liz Jenkins October 6, 2009

Bills, Pills & Gold Records: Identity & safety concerns when selling.

Liz Jenkins October 2, 2009

Hey, Listen To Me When I'm Giving A Staging Consult!

Liz Jenkins September 25, 2009

How Many Bottles Of Salad Dressing Are In Your Pantry?

Liz Jenkins September 15, 2009

Priority Setting: FREE Special Report!

Liz Jenkins September 3, 2009

Org Junkie "Command Central" Round Up

Liz Jenkins August 27, 2009

No headboard in the Master Bedroom? Make One for under $50!

Liz Jenkins August 17, 2009

Hiring a Professional Organizer as a gift.

Liz Jenkins August 14, 2009

Is there value in a home staging consultation?

Liz Jenkins August 12, 2009

Back To School: Tips for Organizing Your Day!

Liz Jenkins August 6, 2009

Back To School: Routines Make Your Day Easier

Liz Jenkins July 31, 2009

Back To School Organizing Seminar!

Liz Jenkins July 26, 2009

tiny bathroom :: storage needed

Liz Jenkins July 18, 2009

Are you really selling yourself to prospective clients? A guy looking for a listing agent . . .

Liz Jenkins July 6, 2009

What's important to YOU is what you should do . . .

Liz Jenkins July 3, 2009

Being Creatively Fit: Whitney Ferre was just fabulous speaking to NAWBO Nashville!

Liz Jenkins June 30, 2009

Where Organizing and Staging cross paths . . .clutter is your enemy when selling!

Liz Jenkins June 17, 2009

How I Love My Label Maker . . . let me count the ways

Liz Jenkins June 15, 2009

Why "Now I don't want to move" is music to my ears! Don't wait to improve-enjoy it now!

Liz Jenkins June 12, 2009

NAWBO Blogging Panel... great fun & I learned a lot

Liz Jenkins May 29, 2009

FREE Home Staging Interior ReDesign Seminar on Thursday, May 28th!

Liz Jenkins May 26, 2009

tired (but good quality) doorknobs? replate instead of replace

Liz Jenkins May 21, 2009

there is such a thing as too much de-personalizing...blandness does not inspire offers

Liz Jenkins May 19, 2009

Sweet Gravy Studio... my new piece of art... love it!

Liz Jenkins May 13, 2009

The Story Of Stuff: timely and fascinating video about, well, stuff

Liz Jenkins May 13, 2009

bins can hide a multitude of sins...

Liz Jenkins May 7, 2009


Liz Jenkins May 5, 2009

scan & fax using your phone with ScanR

Liz Jenkins May 5, 2009

Customer Service at FedEx... why I couldn't get a quote... and an update to the story!

Liz Jenkins May 5, 2009

New Home Buyer Tips: Assessing potential velociraptor attacks

Liz Jenkins April 25, 2009

being organized is a good thing... but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing!

Liz Jenkins April 24, 2009 great site for book lovers

Liz Jenkins April 21, 2009

How Not To Fail On Twitter: great info from Social Media 101!

Liz Jenkins April 20, 2009

guest post on Small Notebook: kids gifts minus the "stuff"

Liz Jenkins April 20, 2009

Huggable Hangers AND tips on an organized closet

Liz Jenkins April 20, 2009

must read for realtor bloggers - tons of blog post ideas!

Liz Jenkins April 17, 2009

home staging seminar in Nashville, April 28th!

Liz Jenkins April 16, 2009

expanding, and clarifying, our business models

Liz Jenkins April 15, 2009

"how-to" make a cool Easter scavenger hunt . . . what the easter bunny did!

Liz Jenkins April 12, 2009

Nigerian Real Estate Scammers: Must read article in Tennessean today

Liz Jenkins April 10, 2009

White board PAINT! Just ordered a sample of white board paint... let's see what it's all about

Liz Jenkins April 10, 2009

Great speakers today at NAPO Nashville: SEO, blogging and more!

Liz Jenkins April 9, 2009

book sale at the Franklin library April 2-4!

Liz Jenkins April 1, 2009

Ways to reduce junk mail & catalogs plus Green Dimes is now Tonic Mailstopper...

Liz Jenkins March 31, 2009

what a fun staging seminar we had!

Liz Jenkins March 30, 2009

staging seminar was great!

Liz Jenkins March 30, 2009

excellent article in NYT: office organizing

Liz Jenkins March 27, 2009

free staging seminar in Franklin, TN 3/26/09!

Liz Jenkins March 24, 2009

time saving post from The Organizing Mama (aka Stacey Crew)!

Liz Jenkins March 24, 2009

Stainless appliances help sell - but you can be budget friendly

Liz Jenkins March 22, 2009

Franklin/Nashville TN: Home Staging Seminar 3/26/09

Liz Jenkins March 22, 2009

Container Store coupon: 25% off from Oprah through April 13th!

Liz Jenkins March 20, 2009

chocolate brown is my new black

Liz Jenkins March 20, 2009

rules for kids - how specific does one need to be!?!

Liz Jenkins March 19, 2009

getting kids out the door in the morning without ripping out your hair

Liz Jenkins March 17, 2009

Seth Godin's blog today - real estate agents should read this!

Liz Jenkins March 17, 2009

final notice for magazines - how to get them to stop sending them

Liz Jenkins March 16, 2009

Cost Of Disorganization

Liz Jenkins March 16, 2009

organizing kids artwork & papers . . .

Liz Jenkins March 16, 2009

I'm on "the car mommy" blog today!

Liz Jenkins March 13, 2009

Club Organize: This Weekend!

Liz Jenkins March 12, 2009

really like twitter & linked in, not so much facebook

Liz Jenkins March 12, 2009


Liz Jenkins March 11, 2009

kids organizing seminar went well but differently than I planned

Liz Jenkins March 11, 2009

Scaling Down: Living Large In A Smaller Space

Liz Jenkins March 11, 2009

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Liz Jenkins March 8, 2009

Club Organize and other teaching stuff . . .

Liz Jenkins March 5, 2009

direct link to not getting phone books

Liz Jenkins March 2, 2009

twitter thoughts

Liz Jenkins February 27, 2009


Liz Jenkins February 27, 2009

hosting the NAWBO organizing panel today

Liz Jenkins February 26, 2009

what you post is out of your control . . .

Liz Jenkins February 25, 2009

feeling out of sorts

Liz Jenkins February 24, 2009

less is more . . . and breathing is good

Liz Jenkins February 19, 2009

home energy audits - and a new job for my husband

Liz Jenkins February 17, 2009

Free Seminar in Nashville: affordable, green building construction

Liz Jenkins February 17, 2009

joyce jackson and kids safety

Liz Jenkins February 17, 2009

Seminar on affordable, green building methods by Lynn Taylor

Liz Jenkins February 17, 2009

Club Organize is coming!

Liz Jenkins February 17, 2009

organizing seminar on papers - fun!

Liz Jenkins February 13, 2009

Staging seminar a success!

Liz Jenkins February 3, 2009

The Home Energy Diet by Paul Scheckel

Liz Jenkins February 3, 2009

looking for a great, personable stager in Milwaukee

Liz Jenkins February 3, 2009

Lost Dachshund in Nashville/Brentwood TN area

Liz Jenkins January 31, 2009

frugality, getting in the media and eating squirrels

Liz Jenkins January 29, 2009

To Facebook or Not To Facebook . . . That is the question.

Liz Jenkins January 27, 2009

To Facebook or Not To Facebook . . . That Is The Question.

Liz Jenkins January 27, 2009

Book Review: Bit Literacy - perfect for those who use email and computers

Liz Jenkins January 26, 2009

recovering from a minor "disaster"

Liz Jenkins January 26, 2009

staging seminar coming up on January 29th in Franklin, TN

Liz Jenkins January 21, 2009

bizarre happenings at the dog park - and a lesson in who people really are

Liz Jenkins January 15, 2009

vacant home staging - setting my priorities and why I'm referring them out

Liz Jenkins January 15, 2009

bizarre happenings at the dog park and you just never really know who people are, do you?

Liz Jenkins January 15, 2009

vacant home staging - just don't love 'em

Liz Jenkins January 15, 2009

realtors can be better resources - get to know people who do "stuff"

Liz Jenkins January 2, 2009

when kids grow up - organizing and updating

Liz Jenkins December 29, 2008

bring lots of plastic bags when you take your dog to work . . .

Liz Jenkins December 18, 2008

staging seminars: teaming up with stagers to educate and network

Liz Jenkins December 18, 2008

creative way to make a bolster style "pillow"

Liz Jenkins December 18, 2008

holiday party at Beth Haley Designs

Liz Jenkins December 11, 2008

project folders save the day

Liz Jenkins December 8, 2008 - get rid of stuff FAST! Some tips on this really cool group . . .

Liz Jenkins November 17, 2008

vignettes - economical and effective staging for vacant homes

Liz Jenkins November 17, 2008

staging vignettes

Liz Jenkins November 17, 2008

freecycle - it works!

Liz Jenkins November 17, 2008

Free Shred Day in Williamson County

Liz Jenkins November 6, 2008

Pre-Listing Home Inspections - keep it sold after the sale

Liz Jenkins October 25, 2008

procrastination vs. pajama casual

Liz Jenkins October 22, 2008

stealing website content - not cool

Liz Jenkins October 21, 2008

what to do when dead plants in urns just aren't working for me

Liz Jenkins October 14, 2008

How to keep a good subcontractor - treat 'em right - what goes around, comes around

Liz Jenkins October 14, 2008

Why I really like working with some agents, and why I don't like working with others.

Liz Jenkins October 13, 2008

the organizer box

Liz Jenkins October 13, 2008

19th century William Morris quote - still works for me!

Liz Jenkins October 13, 2008

Window treatments - on the cheap.

Liz Jenkins October 12, 2008

Organizing a storage unit for a Home Stager - ME!

Liz Jenkins October 10, 2008

Organizing a Home Stager: Me!

Liz Jenkins October 10, 2008

staging and pre-listing inspections

Liz Jenkins October 6, 2008

what to do with a bunch of bare windows . . .

Liz Jenkins September 26, 2008

Volunteering at the Domestic Violence Program office

Liz Jenkins September 25, 2008

combining my blogs

Liz Jenkins September 25, 2008

having a goal in mind . . .

Liz Jenkins April 2, 2008

Memorabilia Mess

Liz Jenkins February 11, 2008

adding to the chaos . . .

Liz Jenkins January 3, 2008

tis the season . . .

Liz Jenkins December 14, 2007

easier to find . . . easier to put away . . . everything needs a home

Liz Jenkins December 6, 2007

kids, Christmas and lots of stuff

Liz Jenkins November 12, 2007

organizing a 6 year old . . . and her mom

Liz Jenkins November 8, 2007


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