80 Easy Things To Declutter For A Move: A Room By Room Guide



professional organized living space staged for Realtor

Declutter for a Move: A Room by Room Guide

Decluttering for a move can be challenging but sometimes making a game of it by hitting the low hanging fruit first can really get you in the mood.

Check out our top 80 things you can toss now whether you are moving or not! You officially have permission to let every one of these things go with this stress free guide to decluttering. And why 80? Because we found 10 things from 8 of the most cluttered spots in your home and it’s definitely not because I lived through the 80’s with big hair.

Sometimes getting started in the decluttering process can be daunting so picking a room and a category can give you a jump start on the process! It can also be helpful to have a plan to get rid of things – my personal favorite is my local Buy Nothing group on Facebook plus I have a few specialty donation sites I use like our local animal shelter and the thrift store that only takes arts & crafts supplies.

Declutter for a Move

Kitchen & Pantry

Kitchens become the clutter catcher of the house because it’s the gathering spot for family and where so much happens.
professional organizer organizing closet for seasonal clothing swap
living area declutter for a move

Declutter for a Move

Living Spaces

Lots of stuff to let go of here as technology moves forward at a rapid pace and as our family grows.

Declutter for a Move

Primary Suite

It’s really hard to go through our personal items like clothes and makeup but it’s a key spot for clutter so let’s get going!
fresh space organized closet
organized toys and games

Declutter for a Move

Kids Spaces (rooms & playrooms)

As kids grow up, their needs change and they outgrow things so fast you wonder what happened.

Declutter for a Move


Where everything you don’t know what to do with goes to die.

declutter for a move garage organization
home office desktop

Declutter for a Move

Home Office

Whether you work from home or your office is for home management (or both like me), there’s always junk in here that needs to go.

Declutter for a Move

Laundry Room

Laundry rooms do so much for us but they can’t if they are full of clutter.

laundry room declutter for a move
attic space declutter for a move

Declutter for a Move


Another spot things are out of sight, out of mind. Based on our experience, there’s usually a lot up here no one needs.
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