Your Guide To Moving With Pets

moving with pets dog in car

Everyone on our team here at a fresh space loves animals of all kinds so when it’s time to move, we want to make sure that our clients know the best way to prepare for moving with pets! Much of it is planning ahead so when the time comes, moving with pets is smooth and easy for both you and for them! Grab our Moving With Pets Checklist at the bottom of the post!

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Logistics

Moving Logistics Nashville Tennesse

When it comes to moving, there are so many logistics to consider and details to think through. From pets to where to stay and the travel from one destination to the next, we’ve done the hard work creating a complete checklist. Should I stay in my home during an unpack? Determine whether or not you […]

How to Unpack after a Move (+ a Checklist)

How to Unpack after a Move (+a Checklist)_Featured

When we moved to Nashville in 2005, I hadn’t yet started my journey as a professional organizer so while I was naturally organized, I sure didn’t have the knowledge I have today after 18 years of helping people move, unpack, and be organized! I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a hot mess looking […]

The Holidays Are Here

organized ornaments in container store red ornament box

Are you the type of person who likes to take down your Holiday decorations the moment the festivities are over, or do you find that by Easter you’re hanging plastic eggs on your still standing Christmas tree? Either way, we can help!

Sell or Donate? Decisions, decisions…

clothing at a thrift shop

You finally got around to cleaning out your attic storage, and you discovered some old furniture you think might have some value. You spent a weekend editing your wardrobe, and now you’re looking to make some money back on those designer pieces that still have tags attached.

Between Homes – How to Have a Stress-Free Move

Home interior right after moving in

Moving into a new house brings forth many emotions: excitement, sadness, and often, anxiety. You’re ready to move to a new place, but sad that you’re leaving your current home. With that comes a lot of stress.

Top Reasons to Declutter Before You Move!

decluttered dining room

Moving can be one of the most stressful parts of life, and often we get focused on the bigger parts of the picture, or those parts that are more exciting such as house hunting or thinking about redecorating.