The Ultimate Guide to Moving Logistics



Moving Logistics Nashville Tennesse

When it comes to moving, there are so many logistics to consider and details to think through. From pets to where to stay and the travel from one destination to the next, we’ve done the hard work creating a complete checklist.

Should I stay in my home during an unpack?

Determine whether or not you will want to stay at your end location during an unpack. If you can, we strongly recommend staying at a hotel. If you own pets, moving can be an unsettling and stressful experience for them. We recommend they are not at the house during the pack/load/unload period for their comfort and safety. If they need to be there, designate one room with a ‘do not enter’ sign on it with all of their gear. Nothing is worse than a pet getting lost during the chaos.


For the move.

Assign a “Homeowner to Transport” area.

These are items you will need during the transition or items that you prefer to transport yourself. Not limited to but including: credit cards, checkbooks, cash, vital documents, fine jewelry, weapons and ammunition, electronic devices and chargers, keys.


Pack a personal bag with up to two weeks of belongings, toiletries, etc. 

You will want clothing in addition to the following: medications and supplements, medical equipment and supplies, eyeglasses, personal hygiene, toys for children, and pet items including leashes, toys, meds, food, and bedding. Pack like you are staying at an Air BnB!


Lunch for the day of the move.

We recommend having lunches on site for any day movers are on site all day, as well as a big cooler full of water and gatorade plus snacks like protein bars. It keeps everyone on site and minimizes down time. Happy movers mean a happy move. Have a trash can available in the garage and designate a bathroom for movers to use.


Set a budget for the move (and think past the cost of movers.)

Depending on the distance to your end point destination, you will have food costs, lodging, fuel as well as incidental expenses. By setting a budget for spending, you can remove financial stress as well as plan for the expenses associated with moving.

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P.S. Want a moving checklist? Grab it here.