How To Declutter For A Move: Decluttering Tips From The Organizing Pros



professional organizers helping with packing for a move

Plan Ahead: way far ahead

Make a plan of action including a timeline

Gather Your Supplies

Room By Room

Prep For the Move

How To Declutter For A Move: Decluttering Tips From The Organizing Pros at Fresh Space

Do you have a move on the horizon? You know you’ll need to declutter and get the house ready for showing but what does that even mean? Decluttering for a move is different from ordinary decluttering so read on for our top tips on how to declutter for a move:

Decluttering Tips

Step 1: Plan Ahead, Way Ahead

There is no such thing as starting too soon when decluttering for a move. You think you’ll have plenty of time but it comes at you so fast plus this isn’t the only thing you have to do before the move so often the decluttering gets put on the back burner. Working with a professional organizer for accountability and guidance can be a game changer but if that’s not in the cards…read on!

professional organizers helping with packing for a move

Decluttering Tips

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Step 2: Make a Plan of Action Including a Timeline

Creating a checklist or a task list breaking out all of the areas in the home that need to be decluttered is key. In our heads, it may not seem like that much but once you break it down – it can be a reality check. And it’s not just a room on the list but the components like closets and cabinets. Identify who is responsible for each area though in my experience one person needs to be ‘in charge’ of making sure it is done.

Step 3: Gather your supplies

These are the tools we use when we declutter:

Decluttering Tips

Step 4: Room by Room

When we declutter for a move, we typically go in this order (and this is also the order in which we unpack). If a larger space is too daunting, consider tackling a small space like a bathroom or the hall closet to get your feet wet. For each of these rooms, start with a closet or a cabinet or a drawer if the whole room is overwhelming.

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Decluttering Tips

How to declutter like a pro for a move:

This is also a great time to wipe down all the shelves and make any repairs, and a great time to create memory bins for the kids and other family members. A bin just for memories collects scattered papers and treasure and keeps them safe not only during the move but when you arrive.

If tackling a whole room is intimidating, starting small can be key. You’ll exercise your decision muscles and gain confidence. It’s amazing how empowering an organized junk drawer can be

Decluttering Tips

Step 5: Prep for the move

We recommend packing up items you won’t need before you move. Often seasonal items, infrequently used small appliances, out of season clothing, decor, etc. are good candidates for pre-packing. The more free of clutter your home is, the better it will show to potential buyers plus it’s less you have to deal with when the time comes to move. Be sure to label each box clearly with the contents and its end location in the new home.

As you discard items ahead of the move, create a list of things you may need to replace on the other end such as spices, cleaning supplies, etc.

A few things to consider:

Declutter for a move like a pro!

Thinking through these questions can help you make better decisions about your stuff and what deserves space in your new home. My feeling is that things better earn their way in by being useful or necessary or something that just makes me happy. If it isn’t one of these things, then why would I pay to move it?

Decluttering for your move will be the best time you spend to make your move simpler and more stress free. The fewer things you have to deal with, the fewer stressors you will have. And won’t it be nice when every box you open on the other end holds something you are delighted to see?

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