Your Guide To Moving With Pets



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Planning Ahead: Moving with pets

Packing & preparing your pets for the move

Welcoming your pets to your new home

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Your Guide to Moving With Pets

Everyone on our team here at a fresh space loves animals of all kinds so when it’s time to move, we want to make sure that our clients know the best way to prepare for moving with pets! Much of it is planning ahead so when the time comes, moving with pets is smooth and easy for both you and for them! Grab our Moving With Pets Checklist at the bottom of the post!

Moving With Pets

6-8 Weeks Ahead

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Moving With Pets

3-4 Weeks Ahead

1-2 Weeks Ahead

Moving With Pets

1-2 Days Ahead

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moving with pets puppy

Moving With Pets

Packing & Unloading

During the Move

Moving With Pets

Upon Arrival to the New Home

moving with pets dog in car

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Moving with Pets

Some pets love to travel and will happily bound into the vehicle and be delighted the whole time (looking at you, golden retrievers!) but many will find it really stressful especially cats, guinea pigs, or birds. Planning ahead for your move is critical especially when it comes to our furry (or not so furry) friends! Final tip: if you are flying or have very challenging pets, you may want to consider a pet transport company which can manage that whole process for you.

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