Are you really selling yourself to prospective clients? A guy looking for a listing agent . . .


Liz Jenkins


The link above is from a guy I twitter with in Nashville.  Most anyone who knows me knows how I love me some twitter (I’m @afreshspace).  I love how many great blogs I come across and the info I learn about life and my industry (so many great home stagers on twitter!).  I read Kyle’s post about his search for a listing agent, and thought, hmmm, how hard should it be in our area to find a great agent?  Not too hard, I’d imagine, as I know a lot of them.  But apparently, he’s not finding the right person.  Or to put it more accurately, the right person may be there but they are not selling him on the fact that they ARE the right person.

So I forwarded this blog post along to a half dozen agents I know that really work hard for their clients.  3 emailed me back promptly, thanking me and letting me know that they had already contacted him based on the email.  Haven’t heard from the other 3 but I’d like to think they did the same.  One posted on his blog post as well.

I wish them the best!  The reason I posted this link was partly because I found it interesting but also to offer a regular person’s perspective on how they are dealing with finding a listing agent.  This blogger is not a real estate blogger – just a regular guy who blogs about life and tech stuff and marketing. 

As a home stager, I work with a lot of listing agents but I rarely ask HOW they got the listing.  I usually come in after the fact to make the home look fabulous but sometimes I wonder, just as I wonder about a lot of things in this world.  I look at how I get clients as well, so this blog post spoke to me – am I selling myself as well as I could?  There’s a fine line between putting yourself out there and going over the top!  Still walking that line I think.

PS I did get Kyle’s permission to post this link – and if you are an agent in Nashville who wants to give it a shot-use the link in his post to contact him!