Your Guide For Downsizing To A Senior Living Community

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Downsizing into a luxury retirement community marks a significant lifestyle shift. Embracing this change with thoughtful planning and organization can make the transition smoother and more enjoyable. Here are our top tips for seniors navigating the downsizing process into their new, more compact living space.
As a luxury move concierge company with experienced professional organizers, we specialize in making this process stress free and seamless.

The Organized Seasonal Clothing Swap: Step By Step

organizing closet for seasonal clothing swap

An organized seasonal clothing swap is a must do for anyone whose closet is just not robust enough to hold all the things. No matter where you live, there will be apparel that isn’t appropriate for a current season, which brings us to the organized seasonal clothing swap! Seasons are different depending on where you live – in the South, a twice a year swap is usually plenty but up North, this may need to be done quarterly.

10 Top Garage Organizing Solutions

organized garage

We love organizing garages and wanted to share our top garage organizing solutions as a companion to our recent Garage Organizing post!

Your Guide To Moving With Pets

moving with pets dog in car

Everyone on our team here at a fresh space loves animals of all kinds so when it’s time to move, we want to make sure that our clients know the best way to prepare for moving with pets! Much of it is planning ahead so when the time comes, moving with pets is smooth and easy for both you and for them! Grab our Moving With Pets Checklist at the bottom of the post!

How to Organize Packing for a Trip

how to organize packing for a trip

With the height of summer, it means summer vacations. Whether you’re heading out to the beach for a long weekend, going to the lake house, or catching a show in NYC – planning ahead is key to avoid the stress of packing at the last minute.   7 Days Ahead – Make your packing list […]

How to Add a Snack Station to Your Pantry

How to Add a Snack Station to Your Pantry

If your kids are returning back to school in August, adding a snack station to your pantry can be a game changer. Kids are always looking for snacks and giving free range to their bellies can cause chaos in an organized pantry! Creating an organized snack station in your pantry is honestly pretty easy and […]