It’s time for Back To School: Get organized now for a great year!

Back to School

Back to school organizing is not really what you may want to think about in July but in our neck of the woods, school starts at the beginning of August so if we don’t get our act together now, the first day will sneak up on us and we will be frantically shopping at Target at midnight buying binders and Sharpies!

Thinking of consigning your kids stuff?

kids clothes and shoes

It’s that time of year again…kids consignment sales are popping up all around my neck of the woods. I love these sales because it means that I can get clothes, books & toys for my daughter at a fraction of the retail prices in usually nearly new condition.

5 simple rules for kids clothing….

kids with cute clothes

My 9 year old daughter has a unique fashion sense. Always has. She’s also quite opinionated and, dare I say, obstinate? This has been going on since pretty much forever and we often butt heads over things.

Organizing using wall space: basketballs & guitars

Every time I organize, there’s always oddball things that end up laying around in a playroom/bonus room/bedroom/wherever.  In my daughter’s room, these were her basketball and her guitar.  These are not easy things to keep in bins or on a shelf but they needed to go somewhere.

Book Review: The Organized Mom by Stacey Crew

As an organizer, I love organizing books and as a mom, I love organizing books.  Stacey Crew’s new book, The Organized Mom, combines the best of both worlds.

When I had my daughter, I was in my late 30’s and had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. 

Blog Talk Radio with Julie Verleger & Me!

Organizing kids and their stuff was the topic today on Blog Talk Radio with Julie Verleger of The Organized Home.  I was a bit nervous as this was my first time on Blog Talk Radio but I had a good time and hopefully didn’t sound like too much of a dork.

Barbies, Legos & Crayons, Oh My!

Attack of the Runaway Playroom! Playrooms can be a fabulous part of your home, but for so many people, they can quickly become a nightmare. Kids aren’t naturally inclined to put things away, and most of the time when a playroom is set up – things either are just sort of set around for kids […]