Deck the Halls with Clutter-Free Joy: A Professional Organizer’s Guide to Holiday Decluttering



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A Professional Organizer's Guide to Holiday Decluttering

Deck the halls with clutter-free joy!

As the holiday season approaches, anticipating festivities combined with the influx of new items can create a sense of overwhelm. Fear not! As professional organizers, we are here to guide you through a holiday decluttering journey that will not only prepare your space for entertaining but also pave the way for the new treasures that come with this time of year. Let’s create a clutter-free haven for a joyous celebration!

Holiday Decluttering

Pre-Holiday Decluttering: A Festive Prelude

Start the holiday season on a decluttering note (our favorite kind!). Clear out unnecessary items to make space for decorating and the arrival of gifts. This not only creates a visually appealing environment but also simplifies the post-holiday cleanup. This is the best time to edit out unused decor and holiday items (if you don’t use it this year – when will you use it?), outgrown kids toys & clothes, kitchen items that are just taking up space (those seasonal items that never actually see the light of day), or seasonal clothing that just doesn’t make the cut.

Streamline Decorations: Less is More

Embrace a “less is more” approach to holiday decorations. Choose a few key pieces that bring joy and align with your style. Quality over quantity will make your space feel festive without overwhelming it.

Mindful Entertaining & Activities

Think before accepting all the invites or planning activities at your home or office. Making space for quiet and family time can be more impactful for your well being. Be deliberate about what you choose to attend or who you invite to your home so that each event has meaning and intention. Clutter isn’t just physical – and taking time to rest and recover during the holidays is just as (if not more) important than doing all the things.

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Holiday Decluttering

Donate Before You Decorate

Take the opportunity to give back before the holidays. Donate gently used items to local charities. It’s a meaningful way to declutter, support your community, and create a positive holiday atmosphere. This is especially helpful for kids when they can feel that their items are going somewhere useful where other children can enjoy them.

Intentional Gift-Giving

Encourage mindful and intentional gift-giving. Instead of exchanging impersonal or multiple items with minimal meaning, consider quality over quantity. Experience gifts, consumables, or items that align with the recipient’s needs and preferences can reduce clutter. The season isn’t about how much you can give or get, but about time spent with loved ones and the experiences you share.

Triage the Tinsel: Post-Holiday Cleanup Prep

Anticipate the post-holiday cleanup by organizing decorations strategically. Bring in holiday specific storage containers, label boxes, keep similar items together, and designate a specific area for holiday storage. This will make the process of putting away decorations more efficient. Plus getting rid of anything that didn’t get used this year frees up space for storage and makes next years decorating so much easier. This is especially true if you’ve changed your themes or colorscape.

Holiday Decluttering

Set a New Year's Decluttering Resolution

Make decluttering a New Year’s resolution. Use the turn of the year as an opportunity to reassess your space, declutter any items acquired during the holidays, and start the new year with a refreshed and organized home.

Mindful Black Friday and Christmas Shopping

Approach Black Friday and Christmas shopping with mindfulness. Consider the long-term value of items you plan to purchase and if these are things you truly need. Opt for quality over quantity to prevent unnecessary clutter in your home.

The "One In, One Out" Rule

Implement the “one in, one out” rule. For every new item brought into your home during the holidays, consider letting go of a similar item. This helps maintain balance and prevents unnecessary accumulation.

Decluttering as a Family Tradition

Make decluttering a family tradition during the holidays. Involve your loved ones in the process, teach them the importance of mindful consumption, and create a joyful atmosphere as you prepare your space for celebration.

As you deck the halls and embrace the joy of the holiday season, let the spirit of decluttering guide you. By implementing these tips, you’ll not only prepare your space for entertaining and the influx of new items but also create a home that radiates warmth, joy, and the true spirit of the holidays. Happy decluttering and joyful celebrations!

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