Don’t forget about your pantry when selling . . . so eat up!


Liz Jenkins

pantry shelves with food

I know, I know, you have to eat when you are selling your house.  But when prospective buyers come in and see a jammed, crammed, chaotic pantry…this isn’t the best impression you can give.  Even if you have a tiny pantry, you can make it appear more spacious with de-cluttering (just like your closet), bins or tiered racks, and grouping like with like.  This will make the pantry appear not only larger, but give the impression that you have more space than you need.  An added benefit is that it will also be easier for you to use.  An organized pantry is an efficient pantry.

Take a look at a pantry I recently organized for a client.  After getting rid of outdated foods, relocating some cleaning supplies to a more accessible and logical space, adding bins to corral small packages & snacks, and leaving some empty space on the floor makes this pantry look twice as big.  We also grouped like items – for example, all of the baking supplies are on the top shelf.  You wouldn’t guess it but we really didn’t get rid of all that much.  It just looks like it because of how items are grouped, stacked & binned.  My client was thrilled with the result and said it not only looks so much better, but was way easier to make meals when she knew what she had and where it was.  Even though this wasn’t a house going on the market, it easily could after this pantry makeover!