Flowers & ferns: Grab your buyers attention when selling!


Liz Jenkins

green fern leaf

I can’t stress enough how much a great first impression impacts your odds of selling your home. I always recommend things like painting the front door, pressure washing away the grime, replacing door hardware & exterior lights, and putting out a fresh welcome mat. But one thing that is often overlooked is the appeal of plants.

Now that it is spring (finally!), get out there and spruce up the yard and the front entry with some annuals and ferns. You don’t have to do the whole yard or every square inch. Some strategically placed annuals such as pansies, impatiens, salvia or petunias add gorgeous color and not only draw the eye of the buyer but shows that you pay attention to detail. If you already have plants such as shrubs or perennials in your yard, be sure that they are weeded, mulched and trimmed. This is the first impression of your home – and if your plants look good – it will put your potential buyers in the right frame of mind when they step inside.

Some tips:
*don’t make ‘lines’ of plants – do clusters in odd numbers (3, 5, 7) or mass them to create a stunning visual
*place them along walkways and near the entry
*mass them near front entry steps or landing creating a bright burst of color to draw the eye to the entry
*don’t do an extreme variety of colors – generally 2-3 in complementary colors works
And ferns…I love ferns on a front porch. It gives that genteel southern feel that many homes need. If you have some large planters or urns – set a fern on either side of the front door – or to one side if that is all the room you have. Or hang them from hooks from the ceiling along the edge of the patio or porch.
The most important thing about these and any plants in your yard or on your porch is that they are well maintained and healthy. Nothing says ‘walk away now’ like dying plants and weeds. Take my word for it!