home energy audits – and a new job for my husband


Liz Jenkins


As some of you may know, my husband has been a home inspector for a while.  With the downturn in the market, we did some re-evaluating and I basically said to him, “when the market picks back up, is this what you want to continue doing?”.  He thought about if for a while and realized that while he loved the digging in the houses, and the constant learning about building construction, plus a lot of the agents and clients we’ve met, he was getting tired of crawling under the houses, dealing with all of the business aspects of being an entrepreneur, and the lack of consistency and benefits.  So he went looking around to see what was out there for someone of his skills, that would also fit what he was interested in.  Not a lot.

But one company really caught his eye:  Conservation Services Group.  It’s a non-profit that contracts with energy companies to perform home energy audits.  He got a position as a regional manager and couldn’t be happier.  It’s a lot of training right now but it’s so up his alley.  This is a guy who listed composting on his resume.  We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk with a small, 1945 house, recycling everything and yes, composting.  He’s really excited and so am I.

This is something that everyone needs – do you realize how much energy is wasted that could be corrected with simple fixes?  For the home inspectors out there – this may be another revenue stream.  For realtors, this could be a great gift for buyers, as well as adding credibility to your “green” credentials.

I see this as a growing market – and we all want to ride the “green” train.  Not only because it is the right thing to do but this is the only earth we have and we need to care for it.

CSG is a national company and is growing rapidly – if it’s in your area – check out their services.  You might be surprised at what they find in YOUR house.