organized garage

Home Installations & Repairs

We all have that never-ending list of little repair or maintenance projects around the house that just don’t get done. Our resident handyman can take care of it for you, as part of either an organizing or stand alone project. These fixes can improve your property value and save on future repair costs, but mainly save your sanity because it’s one less thing to worry about.

handyman fixing a garage cabinet

Small Fixes & Enhancements

These include repairs such as replacing a doorbell, adjusting doors that rub, caulking around bathtubs,, to changing a light bulbs or smoke detector batteries, to small scale drywall repair and painting, replacing damaged deck materials, and repairing/replacing a baseboard where the puppy chewed. The small issues in your home that add up to big stress can be resolved promptly and efficiently.


Our in-house team members can pick up and put together furniture and free-standing shelving units, or hang coat hooks, curtain rods, mop holders, or drying racks. These are often the types of tasks that get put off because of a lack of time, not having or knowing what tools to use, and how to do it can be a challenge – one that we can resolve for you.

kitchen wall storage installation

Storage & Organization Systems

We specialize in designing and installing elfa or other shelving systems for closets, pantries, garages or other storage areas. In addition, we install Rev-A-Shelf cabinet organizers and create effective storage systems using installed cabinetry and shelving. These types of organizing systems make your home as functional and useful as it can be, plus it can increase your property value!

Are you ready for your stuff to get installed & repaired? Let’s get started!