joyce jackson and kids safety


Liz Jenkins


So, I had a really interesting phone conversation with a woman named Joyce Jackson recently. We were connected by Chris Tabscott of Titan Home Loans here in Nashville. She’s out on the West Coast so at first I was confused – what would she need with a professional organizer and home stager based in Franklin, TN?

But then, after talking for a while, I realized that we had a lot in common – and as I always say, it’s good to know people who do stuff. And people who are smart and are willing to share what they know without expecting anything back. That’s how I operate and I believe in good karma – what goes around, comes around. So anyway, we clicked, and I look forward to staying in touch.

She’s done a lot of things but the aspect I found really interesting is her books and trainings on keeping kids safe. Check out her website: Keeping Kids Safe Today. I’ve added her blog on internet safety for kids on my list of recommendations as well.

It’s funny – when I look at my Linked In profile – I’ve got a lot of contacts here in the Nashville area, but a lot of my contacts are people from around the country (and world if you add Dierdre from Scotland). This is good because I think you can become too insular if all you hear from is those close to you. This is also one of the reasons I read blog posts from all over, and try to participate in the constant exchange of ideas. It can be overwhelming – so from an organizing standpoint – I must limit or I could sit here at my laptop all day long as there is so much fascinating information out there.

I love to learn, and I suspect I could learn a lot from Joyce.