looking for a great, personable stager in Milwaukee


Liz Jenkins


I got a referral to a really nice agent/broker through a personal friend yesterday.  Too bad he’s several states away!  My friend lives in Milwaukee and hooked us up through Linked In.  I’d love to work with the guy and will be happy to do virtual consults.  But what he really needs is a stager for his company as his “go-to” person.

I’d like to find him someone like me as we hit it off really well.  So this means:

  • direct
  • honest
  • good sense of humor
  • good sense of style
  • works well with clients by educating them and getting them on board with the program
  • experienced and competent
  • knows houses not just from a staging perspective but also from a structural and maintenance perspective

The good thing about this guy is that he understands the value of staging, and that cheapest is not always best – if you want the best.  He’s also honest and direct, plus a nice guy. 

So, I’d like the hear from some Milwaukee area stagers – I’m going to, as a favor to my friend, “vet” some Active Rainers and see if I can make a good match up for this agent and his company.

Send me an email with a link to your website and we’ll see what happens!