Lost Dachshund in Nashville/Brentwood TN area


Liz Jenkins


Hi all – normally I post about real estate stuff but this is a case where realtors can be a big help as the know their areas and know lots of people.

I was at the Williamson County Animal Control a few days ago and met the “grand -dad” of Sadie, a lost 4 month old dachshund.  I asked him for a flyer and I’ve already sent it around to all of my own contacts but figured Active Rain might be a good way to get the word out as well. 

I can’t figure out how to attach the pdf flyer but I’ll just include the info – and if you email me directly – I’ll send you the flyer.

Sadie is a 4 month old dachshund who ran away during an attempted robbery while she was being walked at the Brandywine apartments.  This is near Edmonson Pike near the Nashville/Brentwood border.  She’s adorable and probably frightened to death.  She was wearing a collar with her phone number, and a pink jacket, and here’s the contact info:

Tiffany at 615-968-7728 and Josh at 615-668-4804

The “grand-dad” is Doug Montgomery at dougmontgo@comcast.net

They have checked with the Animal Controls and it has been in the news as well.  These people really want to find their dog!  If you have heard of anyone finding a dachshund – please let them know – and forward this along please.

Thanks much!