Organizing a storage unit for a Home Stager – ME!


Liz Jenkins


Today, I spent the morning organizing my new storage unit.  I’m sharing it with another stager that I work with often so half of the space is hers.  I wanted to make sure that I could find my things easily. I’ve seen plenty of storage units belonging to stagers and we are notorious for de-staging a house and going with the dump and run when we get to our storage area.  Who wants to organize after de-staging?!?

I think I did this the right way by planning it out and placing things in bins and bags with labels.  I also took the opportunity to update my inventory list.  As a professional organizer, I know this worked out well, but as a stager, this will make a huge difference in how long it takes me to prep for a job.  I even labeled the shelves!  Most of my furniture items aren’t here yet but there’s the space in the middle which will accomodate them.

Here’s the areas I created:

  • bedding including sets, blow up mattresses and cots
  • towels/bathroom accessories
  • kitchen/dining including linens
  • artwork (I need to create/build a better system for this)
  • accessories such as pottery pieces, vases and small decorative items
  • bins for marbles, stones, ribbons, wicker balls, etc.
  • large bins I use for transport
  • things that need repair or paint or are an upcoming art project
  • greenery/twigs/etc.
  • I used the top for small furniture pieces I don’t use that often, and tall items like lamps empty storage unitmiddle of storage unit3rd storage unit shotfinal storage unitAll done!