Since 2005, the AFS team has been helping clients get organized, moved, and tidied up in the greater Nashville area. Our experienced, detailed, helpful, and (as we always hear) ‘just so nice’ organizers absolutely love working with our clients to make their lives easier.

Our specialties include: professional organizing, move management, unpacking, handyman services, home staging & styling, and project management.

Our clients tell us that they don’t know how they ever survived without us, and that we are the best money they’ve ever spent. 


Our detailed and efficient organizing process has been refined by over a decade of working with clients. It is full service – meaning we take care of everything, from shopping and returns, to coordinating outside services, to sourcing amazing organizing products so you can focus on working with us to create your perfect systems. We strive to make getting organized as easy as possible. Our team approach blends caring and empathy with a get-it-done attitude, giving you the organized spaces you need and want.

  • 01 CONSULT

    An hour or two spent finding out all about your organizing needs including photos, measurements and a full plan of action!

  • 02 SORT

    The first step in getting organized - taking everything out then grouping like with like so we can see what and how much you have!

  • 03 EDIT

    Should it stay or should it go? Decisions, decisions, decisions. But with our guidance, even the hardest decisions can be made easier!

  • 04 CONTAIN

    Creating gorgeous spaces means fabulous bins and organizing materials...or repurposing what you have in new and amazing ways!

  • 05 LABEL

    No organizing system is complete without labeling everything (if you want us to) - and our labels run from basic to custom!

organized modern master bathroom


Helping you remove chaos from your home by creating beautiful and functional systems while clearing the clutter from your space and your mind. Our holistic approach brings together many organizing philosophies to create a space and a system that is perfect for you.

empty kitchen ready for an organized unpack


“The easiest move ever!”  is what we hear from our  clients! Declutter before you move so you only move things you need and want, prep your home for sale, then an efficient and organized unpack when you get where you are going. Get your new home and new life off to an organized start!

organized garage cabinetry


The honey-do list will actually get honey-done! Our resident handyman will fix the little things that have piled up as well as assist with all sorts of other tasks such as putting together cubbies and installing elfa closet systems.

lovely organized laundry room in a modern home


ReFreshing everything back to how it used to be or refining systems for how things need to be. When your life changes (as ours all do!), we can bring back the order to your spaces so you can relax and enjoy them once again.

organized refresh in a livingroom


Consulting for organizational needs for new spaces during a remodel or new home build, plus space planning and storage solutions for DIYers. Liz also consults with organizers and small business owners about business systems and management.