procrastination vs. pajama casual


Liz Jenkins


It’s interesting that the busier I get, the more I’ll get done.  Then, when I’ve got some down time, like this week, I end up putting off things that really should get done.  I was out of town for 5 days and didn’t schedule anything the first half of this week to catch up with paperwork, put together some proposals, etc.  Then I find myself surfing active rain, looking for linked in connections, writing to-do lists for my husband’s business, letting the dog in and out and in and out, etc. 

I’m actually getting the things done but I seem to have a harder time focusing when I don’t have meeting scheduled or actual deadlines.  I think this is a problem for many of us with a home office.  I don’t really want to change out of my pajamas since there is no where I really have to be, and nothing I can’t get done from my laptop.  I call these days “pajama casual”.  If I’m not careful – I’ll still be sitting here in my pajamas at the end of the day.  Although, what’s the problem with this?

Here’s my solution:

  • keep the coffee coming
  • make a plan to go somewhere as a treat later when I finish my work
  • make a list of things to accomplish and actually check things off as I get them done
  • break down my tasks into the details so I can see the scope of each one
  • focus on the important things – like the ones that will make me some money
  • stop letting the dog tell me what to do (I mean, how many times does she really need to go out)

So I’ve got to stop putzing around with emails and sharpening my favorite pencil, and get these projects done.