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Organizing Kids Playrooms

Have your kids grown a bit since you set up their playroom? They do that and it never stops! I remember setting up my daughter’s playroom when she was tiny – it was a small alcove off her bedroom that we set up with soft toys and pretend play. Then she got older and it shifted to arts & crafts, play kitchen, and so. much. dress up. We moved shortly after that and the new playroom got a natural reset as she was starting Montessori school here in Tennessee but every year or so – we were making changes based on her interests and needs. For our clients – we see the pile up of outdated toys, completed craft projects, treasures, books, and more that seem never-ending. A spring reset on the playroom means you can head into the summer fun without missing a beat so read on for our top tips for organizing kids playrooms:

Organizing Kids Playrooms

1. Edit, edit, and edit some more!

This is the time to purge – and be ruthless about it. Studies have shown that kids play with more when they have fewer choices because large volumes overwhelm them. Toss or donate the low hanging fruit first: broken toys, books no one likes, crumpled drawings, the crap from birthday parties, outgrown items, etc. Then sort out the remainder by who uses it, type of toy, and grouping like with like. Once you have all the parts together that go together – it’ll be easier to make the decisions about what to keep and what to let go.  Keeping things just because you hope they’ll someday want to play with it or because they once played with it means the stuff they actually will play with gets buried. Editing out everything that isn’t something they love right now means they’ll have space for what they actually want to do.

Pro Tips!

organized playroom
kids playroom organized in bins
Pottery Barn Market Bins
play room organization
playroom organization furniture mounted to the wall
Ikea Kallax Cubbies

Organizing Kids Playrooms

2. Create (or add to) memory bins for each child.

A memory bin can be any type of storage box though we typically use either a weathertight tote or a deep storage box to hold art/craft projects, school milestones, awards, etc. Label each bin with the childs name and the beginning date of the memories (ex. Sam 3/2024). This bin can ideally be stored where it’s easily accessible to add new items until it is full!

3. Evaluate your infrastructure - and add as needed.

One of the biggest issues we see in playrooms is the lack of a place to actually store things – even if there is a closet, it’s a wire shelf or two that is usually not accessible to little ones. So creating storage is key because they can’t clean up if things don’t have homes. Elfa, Ikea, and Pottery Barn systems are our biggest go to options. 

Tips & Ideas

Pro tip: always fasten furniture pieces to the wall with anti-tip child safety devices.

"Organizing our playroom with your team was literally the best thing ever! The kids were so thrilled and I couldn't believe how they played with everything and then PUT THINGS AWAY!! Amazing!!"

Organizing Kids Playrooms

4. Use clear bins that stack and are consistent in size/style.

I know it’s fun to find multi-colored bins and baskets and shop at places like Home Goods or the like, but consistency and calm are critical when setting up kids’ spaces. Kids’ toys and books are full of vibrancy and color for the most part so adding more on top of that can feel stressful. These clear bins from Container Store do the trick for most everything!

5. Create zones a la Montessori based on the current interests.

If you have children of different ages and/or interests, zoning out the room to accommodate can be really useful. We had a recent client who had a 2 year old boy and a 6 year old girl that shared a loft style playroom. Luckily there was a natural dividing line where the stairwell entered the room so we created 2 separate playrooms – one for each. It wasn’t as much about gender as it was age and interests so it ended up working perfectly for them! Sometimes we’ve used furniture pieces as dividers that can double as storage.

Zones we often set up in playrooms:

Organizing Your Playroom: Spring Refresh Edition

Getting your playroom organized for spring (or any time) can be a game changer for how your family functions and take a ton of stress off your mind in your day to day. We’d love to help so just drop us a line! 

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