Staging seminar a success!


Liz Jenkins


My thanks to Church Street Flooring & Design, “B” Lucas Thrower and Karen Jones for helping me make a terrific staging seminar last Thursday night!  We had a great turnout despite major traffic jams.  Our goal was to educate realtors and home owners about the benefits of staging, and give some specific tips and techniques on staging.  We also wanted to offer some fun and networking.

I’d say we achieved our goals.  The feedback was great and I think everyone learned a lot.  Patrick’s sister-in-law made some awesome cakes (the coconut one was amazing) for us which was a very welcome surprise.  staging seminar photo

From left:  me, Karen, “B” at the seminar.  We each had turns talking about what we know and do best:  home staging!

Our next seminar is in March – this one is about the “nuts and bolts” of staging – you know, the lights, the doorknobs, the floors, the paint – all the stuff that you don’t think about or notice until you go to sell – and your buyer notices.  I’ll keep you posted – if you are in Franklin – come and learn!