Your Guide to a Stress-Free Seasonal Wardrobe Swap


Liz Jenkins

sweaters with fall leaves

Fall is here, and you can officially congratulate yourself on surviving the hottest days of the year. With cool evenings becoming regular and chilly days soon to come, it’s time for a seasonal wardrobe swap!

Why is a seasonal wardrobe swap a good idea?


By housing only what you need for the current season in your closet, you’ll have more space and be able to find items quickly. You don’t want that breezy cotton dress getting in the way when you’re searching for your favorite toasty sweater!

How do you go about a seasonal wardrobe swap?


Glad you asked! There are a few different ways you can do a seasonal wardrobe swap.

Method #1: Once & Done!


  1.     Create a space where you can lay out your clothes. It could be your bed, the floor, or a large table.
  2.     Take all of the clothing, shoes, and accessories out of your closet.
  3.     Sort items into four different piles:
    • Basic pieces you could layer and continue to wear during the cold season
    • Pieces you will definitely keep and wear this winter
    • Pieces you definitely won’t be able to wear until warm weather comes again (we’ll miss you, sundresses!)
    • Pieces you didn’t wear last winter or can’t see yourself wearing this winter
  1.     Place the “can-be-layered-during-cold-weather” pile back in the closet (neatly!)
  2.     Store any items that are not wearable until warmer weather arrives
  3.     For the items you didn’t wear last winter and don’t think you’ll wear this winter, consider donating them.

Method #2: Little by Little


  1. Grab cool-weather pieces from storage or the back of your closet, and place them at the front as you need them. For example, take a sweatshirt out of a storage bin for a cool evening on the patio, or pull out a few cardigans from the back corners of your closet as you notice the mornings getting brisk.
  2. For every piece you pull out to use, put one summer item into a storage area.
  3. As you switch pieces out one by one, make a note of any pieces you’re getting out or putting away that you don’t love anymore or haven’t worn. Place them in a designated location for later review.
  4. Set yourself a deadline to have all of your items switched out. Block out an hour on the day of your deadline to finish up
  5. On your deadline day, remove any pieces of summer clothing that remain and store them properly. Revisit the items in your “don’t-love-anymore” area and take items for donation as necessary.

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Finishing Touches


No matter how you choose to approach your seasonal wardrobe swap, here are some things to keep in mind throughout the process.

  • Cleaning and Mending
    Now is a great time to have summer items repaired, dry cleaned, or simply laundered. Cleaning and tending to any needed repairs will save you time when the warm days come around again!
  • Proper Storage
    Appropriate storage is vital for keeping your pieces in excellent shape. First, determine a location in your house where you can place your out of season items. The upper shelves of your closet, under the bed, or even an attic space would all make great options. Utilize plastic bins that will withstand the conditions of your storage area (such as underbed boxes or weathertight bins), and be sure to protect against insect damage with cedar sachets or a similar protection product.
  • Label, Label, Label!
    Label each of your bins as “Out Of Season” then additional labels as needed “Tops” “Shoes” etc. This will make items easier to find and your next swap even easier.
  • Tidying Your Closet
    Now is a great time to clear any clutter that’s accumulated and give the floor of the closet a thorough vacuum. You can also evaluate any organizational needs you may notice. Do you need a better system for keeping your scarves neat? How about a new shoe rack? Start the new season as organized as possible. 

Don’t have time for a seasonal wardrobe swap? Too overwhelmed by the chaos of everyday life to think about the process? We’d love to help. Check out our seasonal swap page today, and we’ll have you set up for a stylish (and warm!) winter season in no time!

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