Pros & Cons of Decanting: Decanting 101

spices in decanters

Nearly every time we organize a kitchen or pantry, the conversation comes up about decanting things like baking, dry goods, spices, cereal, etc. There are definitely pros and cons so read on to see what the professional think!

Organizing A Closet With ROYGBIV

rainbow organized kids closet

Recently we organized a clients closet and I had an email from her wondering if we had photos of it when we were done (we did!) and if I could guide her a bit on how to color code it as we had done when we wrapped it up (we could!). As I sent the email, I realized she’s not the only one curious about it. So this post is about organizing a closet using ROYGBIV.

Huggable Hangers AND tips on an organized closet

I recently was sent some samples of Huggable Hangers . I wasn’t sure about these at first because I was concerned that they would be flimsy or look cheap, being that they are “flocked”. Flocked is a word that has always cracked me up in a mocking sort of way BUT I was very pleasantly […]