tired (but good quality) doorknobs? replate instead of replace


Liz Jenkins


I recently staged a contemporary 80’s home that had a fabulous doorknob & door knocker.  The only problem was that they were pitted and worn.  They’re by Baldwin and the knob was a mortise lock – which if you know these, involves lots of parts and space on the interior of the door.  My initial thought was to replace them, which is what I usually do, but these were so nice and the knocker was just amazing – heavy and really cool.  So instead, I took them in for replating.  WOW.  I had them plated in brushed nickel.  They look amazing.  Brand new and so luxe I couldn’t believe it.  Plus both pieces were done for $170.  You couldn’t even buy new ones of this quality for that price.  Plus we saved a bundle not have to completely re-do the inside of the door to suit a lesser door knob.

In Nashville, TN we used Leonard Plating on 4th Ave.  The results were spectacular although it did take 3 days longer to finish than they originally said.  Otherwise, very pleased.  And the homeowners were thrilled, as was I.  If you want to see this house, visit www.realtracs.com and use MLS# 1082275.

Now, I’ve posted many a time about how the front entry can make the difference in someone having a great impression of a home.  In this case, we fixed the trim, and painted the front door my new fave door color of French Roast by Sherwin Williams.  Then put back the amazing hardware.

Check out the before & after:

door knob beforedoor knocker beforedoor knob afterdoor knocker after