twitter thoughts


Liz Jenkins


I recently got a twitter account and I’m not sure what to make of it.  I decided to follow a few people and see what happens.  Being kind of a talker, it’s hard to keep my thoughts to a minimum.  Then, I have to wonder – does anyone really care if my cat is trying to derail my work by attacking my keyboard and eating the string on my hoodie? 

One person I’m following throws out completely inane, yet hilarious, tweets; one is a continual barrage of business related tweets with an occasional offbeat one; one is a running commentary of where he is.  I think I’d better figure out a focus as I’ve done here on AR which is to try to educate and comment intelligently (most of the time) on posts. 

I have to admit – it’s easier than my decision about Facebook – I keep getting bombarded with requests to get a Facebook account – two more today.  I may have to bow under the pressure.  And I think I’m so strong.  Ha!

I think twitter could be fun – now if I can just figure out how to link all of these things together to boost my SEO rankings – that’s really my overall goal.  The only way to get new business is to let people know what you do.  Most people do research on the web.  Most of my business comes from meeting people and direct referrals but my web presence reinforces what I do.  I’d like to increase my presence as a way to gain new business, not just to enhance my image to clients I already have access to, although it is a great way to say, “here’s who I am and what I do”.  Sure beats hauling around a portfolio.