Want to update crappy formica countertops on a tight budget AND be eco-friendly? Check this out!


Liz Jenkins


This post is courtesy of Dana Tucker of Bell & Tucker.  Dana & I had coffee recently in downtown Franklin, and were chatting about how to make homes look great when they go on the market.  But we both know that sellers (or really any of us) don’t want to spend a fortune on a house if we can help it – especially when we are moving out.  One of the biggest issues I run into around my neck of the woods, is that many starter homes (and many not so starter homes) have formica countertops – often in not very good condition.  In many areas of the country this isn’t really an issue but around here, buyers expect more – usually granite.  This is out of the budget range for many sellers, not to mention the time it takes & the mess it can cause.  And you granite people I use and love – this isn’t against granite – simply an alternative (and a pretty cool one at that)!

Here’s what Dana had to say:

“I’d like to introduce you to a little counter top magic. Maybe it’s not really magic, but it sure can make ugly Formica counter tops disappear. We use a concrete overlay product that can be applied to virtually any surface like laminate, tile, wood, fireplace surrounds and Formica. It can be used on floors, tub and shower surrounds, and of course, counter tops. It is an environmentally friendly product because it is LOW V.O.C. But even more Earth friendly is the fact that you don’t have to tear out your old counter tops and tile. When you use a concrete micro topping in your kitchen or bathroom remodel you will be re-cycling your existing surfaces and keeping them out of the landfill.

The home owners wanted to upgrade the counter tops because they were putting their house on the market. Today’s home buyers have watched endless hours of HGTV shows like “House Hunters” and have granite or stone counter tops very high on the priority list. We were able to simulate a limestone texture in a solid durable finish for a significant savings over the price of granite.

This concrete micro topping can be finished in limitless ways. Like the industrial stained look? We can do that. How about granite, marble or travertine? We can do that too. This finishing solution is perfect for home sellers looking to upgrade , home buyers looking to remodel, and the discriminating home owner wanting something completely original and custom. And although we can’t guarantee that Al Gore will send you a “thank you” letter, we do know that the Earth will thank you.”

What I thought was really great about the process is that it meets so many of my requirements when staging a home:

  • cost effective
  • quick turn around time for installation
  • looks great
  • amps up the look of the house and makes buyers say “wow”

The only thing it doesn’t do is bring the “real stuff” in to the home, but the great part about it is that it is super durable and installed well so that it isn’t a cheap & skeezy product that some people try to pawn off on unsuspecting buyers.  For many sellers, this type of product can be the answer to the formica countertop problem.

Bell & Tucker are Faux Artisans in the Nashville Area.  Find them at http://www.bellandtucker.com or follow them on twitter @danatucker