what a fun staging seminar we had!


Liz Jenkins


Thursday night (the 26th) I hosted a staging seminar here in Franklin, TN – and what a great night it was!  I hope all of our attendees had as good a time as we did – and learned a lot as well.  We held our seminar at Church Street Flooring & Design in charming downtown Franklin.  I had invited fellow stagers Anthea Click, Karen Jones and “B” Lucas Thrower to join me in presenting:  “Nuts & Bolts of Staging”.  I see this as the nitty gritty stuff – the paint, the lighting, the flooring, etc.  So that’s what we talked about to a very receptive crowd.  One of the good things was holding the seminar at a flooring store – the very capable Dave the sales guy presented lots of info (I actually learned some stuff which was awesome!) about carpet, pads, tile and hardwoods.  We all pitched in with our thoughts as well.

I think the best part was how well we all meshed together with our thoughts – presenting a united front on staging.  While we all have our specialties and preferences, we are all on the same page:  staging sells a house.  And the tips and techniques we presented were all designed to share information with the people who needed it.  We had a couple of agents there as well – one in particular threw out some great points – Christie Drury of Exit Realty of the South – and had some spemarch seminar staging photocific questions as well.  Quite a few home sellers were there and were able to get their questions answered. I think the most common questions related to specific paint colors and finishes on things like light fixtures & door knobs.  There was a collective shiver from the stagers when shiny brass was mentioned.

Dan Prince came by, of Everything Doors (www.everything-doors.com), and donated a brushed nickel door handle set as a door prize.  His shop is located off of Royal Oak Blvd in Franklin, but they do most of their business online – fabulous prices on door knobs, hinges, etc. 

We had some good handouts from the event with specific information – feel free to email me and I’ll send them along to you! 

PS That’s me on the right, with (going left) Karen Jones, Anthea Click, “B” Lucas Thrower.  Didn’t realize I was the shortest one of the bunch til I saw this picture – I was even wearing heels!