what you post is out of your control . . .


Liz Jenkins


You know what’s weird, is that I started to write a post, then decided I didn’t want to write that post and switched to this one.  The thing is, the original post had some content, that, if seen by 1 or 2 people could potentially be hurtful to them, or to me in a business sense.  I had a situation occur recently involving a referral that didn’t go as I’d hoped.  I basically got sabotaged by someone and it was out of my control. I’ve let it go but I started to write out the details – partially to vent and partially as a learning lesson for others.  But then, I thought, what if one of the involved parties reads it, and then it turns out to be a big deal.  So that led to this post.

This is where I remind all that it’s a big world out there, but what you put on the web stays on the web and anyone can see it and find it.  I was reading a post by Jeff Dowler today, and have read others on and about social networking sites, plus I had to consider my own recent post about Facebook.  Other than my business life, I’m a fairly private person.  I don’t want my stuff out there for all to see, and I don’t really dig into others dirty laundry either.  It’s a fine line with keeping the private life private, and maintaining the boundaries of who we are as an individual and who we are as the public face of our company.

I’m glad I chose not to post the details, and hope that even the few I wrote don’t come back to haunt me, but my point is that be careful what you write – it’s out of your control once it “goes to press” and these things can come back to bite you in the butt.