White board PAINT! Just ordered a sample of white board paint… let’s see what it’s all about


Liz Jenkins


Just ordered a sample of white board paint by Idea Paint. Thanks to twitter and my friend and fellow home stager, Anthea Click, for the heads up on this stuff. I love white boards!

I don’t think I’ll use them a whole lot for staging but for organizing and offices – this could be fantastic. I’m not sure what it’s all about yet but the company says “IdeaPaint is a patent-pending single-coat roller-applied paint that transforms any smooth surface into a high performance dry-erase writing surface. IdeaPaint is perfect for the conference room, creative spaces, classrooms, home offices, kids rooms, playrooms… or any other spaces. ”

We’ll see.

Click here to order your own sample.

If you get it and love it – let me know – and I’ll keep you posted on my own experience. Now if I can just get the Expo guy I twitter with to send me some markers… I’ll be all set!