Window treatments – on the cheap.


Liz Jenkins


This may have been covered in the past but the feedback I had from some other stagers about some recent window treatments I did encouraged me to blog on this.  I had some windows in a room that needed some accents so I used tension rods and placemats.  The placemats I got at Target on clearance for $1.98 each.  I had five windows to do.  The walls in the room room are a deep bluish gray and the window trim is cream.  So I used fabric iron-on tape, looped one end of each placemat and made these treatments.  I’ve done this numerous times before in kitchens and bathrooms – this one happened to be in a small office area off of a kitchen.  I staggered and layered the mats I used to give them a more custom window treatments 2  Nothing like thinking outside of the box (or table!).  I know I’m not the only one who’s ever done this but the responses I’ve had from people makes me wonder why it’s not done more often.  Sometimes windows just need some color – especially in a blah sort of room.  This one wasn’t – just needed a way to tie together some of the items and furniture that were in it.  When I saw these particular placemats – I was thrilled because they were exactly what I needed.  So I did 5 windows for under $40.  And they can be removed easily and re-used as needed.