Wrap it Up: A Professional Organizer’s Guide to Organizing Your Gift Wrap Station!



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A Professional Organizer's Guide to Organizing Your Gift Wrap Station!

How To Organize Gift Wrap: Our Top Organizing Tips!

It’s that time of year when gift-giving is gearing up! Is your gift wrap a hot mess? Read on for our top gift wrap organizing tips and products!

Gift Wrap Station Organization

The joy of giving is undeniable, but if your gift wrap station is more chaos than creativity, it’s time for an organizational intervention! As a professional organizer, I’ve curated a collection of tips and recommended products to transform your gift wrap and supplies into a tidy haven of festive flair. Let’s dive into the art of organizing your wrapping wonderland.

So many of our organizing projects involve digging through piles of gift bags, ribbons, crumpled wrapping paper, and half-used tape. It can be really frustrating when you are ready to get holiday gifts wrapped but also throughout the year when a birthday or event pops up. Often we’ll give up and just get a gift bag but if you love the process of crafting the perfect presentation, this post is for you!

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Gift Wrap Station Organization

First, gather all of your gifts, wrapping, packaging, and more and lay it all out. We like using folding tables but a dining room table or even the floor works just fine.

Second, group like with like:

Note that typically people will have holiday or gender specific, and the rest generic so it’s multi-purpose.

Plus if you are someone who likes to stock gifts to give – have all of those laid out as well grouped by type as well as age range or seasonal if that makes sense.

Gift Wrap Station Organization

Third, edit then edit some more. Toss the damaged and crumpled, and evaluate what remains to make sure if works for your current aesthetic and those who will be the recipients of your gifts. If your kids are grown, you probably don’t need much for little ones unless you’ve got grands!

Fourth, evaluate what you may need to add to fill out your gift wrap selections. Maybe some really sharp scissors, infill the holiday ribbons, or a tape dispenser. When setting up an organizational system, it’s best to have the full volume of whatever needs to be stored.

Now comes the fun part: creating your gift wrap station storage system!

A lot depends on your volume and if you plan to store gifts to give along with the wrapping, as well as if you want a full on gift wrap station where you can lay things out and wrap in place or if space limitations are in play, a more modular or portable system may be best.

If you have the space available, carving out a small closet (like a hall or guest room) with shelves or a cabinet can be ideal or repurposing an armoire or dresser can also work well.

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Gift Wrap Station Organization

If you've got a dedicated space with shelves or drawers, these are a few of our favorite products:

If not, here are some of our favorite gift wrap storage solutions:

Once you’ve got your storage solution figured out, create your categories and zones so it makes sense to you. Be sure to label (using our favorite Brother P-Touch label maker if you’ve got one!) each bin or section so it’s easy to put things away when you are done.

So there you have it! Our best tips on getting your gift wrap sorted out and organized! This isn’t just for the holidays but for any time of the year you need to wrap a gift – having organized systems makes it fun and easy!

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